Bringing craftsmanship to the CRM trade

Bringing craftsmanship to the CRM trade



A person who practices or is highly skilled in a craft


Dynamics 365 view converter

You just created a personal view which consists of several “AND/OR”-groupings and looped through several entities, but noticed this should have been a system view *Argh*! No worries, by using the managed solution from Natraj Yegnaraman or “Dreaming in CRM”, you can safely promote a personal view to a system view.

Comparing the New Dynamics 365 for Sales, Business edition

The Business edition application is built on the Dynamics 365 for Sales, Enterprise edition application that existing Dynamics 365 customers are familiar with, but the new Sales application is optimized for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Actually Dynamics 365 for Sales, Business edition fits very nicely somewhere between the small business offering we …

Dynamics 365 sitemap Designer

Having a simple and clean site map is one of the most important properties of a good organisation. Using the sitemap designer is a must. Together with Dynamics 365, Microsoft has launched an easy to use designer. Want to learn more? Than read the blogpost First look at Sitemap Designer by SMS …

Microsoft Cloud Germany

As a frequent visitor of Germany, it is interesting to see Microsoft investing in a German datacenter. Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) is being hosted in datacenters in more and more regions. After Dynamics 365 (online) becomes available in a new region, the following apply: For new Dynamics 365 (online) organizations, the …


The reason to call this website crmgiant is twofold:

First, I’m just a “CRM Guy In A Nice Trade” as providing consultancy on Dynamics CRM is truly a joy to do. I never expected consultancy to be such a nice trade, but it is a great world to work in. You meet new people all the time and gain a lot of experience in different sectors.

Second, Isaac Newton once said:

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

In the spirit of his quote, I have some of my own “giants”. The CRM Giants are some of the people I like to keep an eye on, they publish high quality content and truly enrich the Dynamics CRM world. As they can inspire other CRM developers and consultants, I would like to present them to you:

  • Ben “The Hosk” Hosking, is a Dynamics CRM Developer – Consultant based in Birmingham, UK. He’s definitely worth following as he writes about functional and technical topics relating CRM in an easy way, making him readable for a .NET developer and a functional consultant (such as myself). You can find his blog here: HOSK’S DYNAMIC CRM BLOG
  • Jukka “Surviving CRM” Niiranen is a Dynamics CRM Consultant based in Finland and blogs about CRM news, tips and issues he encounters during his job. If he’s not ranting in Finnish, his blog is go-to place for everything concerning CRM. You can find his blog here: Surviving CRM
  • Gareth “GT” Tucker is a CRM Practice Lead based in the US and publishes some of highest quality in content relating CRM topics. As he does not solely post about Dynamics CRM, but e.g. also about Dynamics Marketing and SharePoint, he is also one of the giants in this list. You can find his blog here: Gareth Tucker on Dynamics CRM
  • Dynamics CRM Tip of the Day is not really a person, but rather a merry band of cow tippers. Their posts are usually ‘lighter’ in content, but the fact that they post daily makes more than up for this. You can find their blog here: CRM Tip of the Day
  • Mark “nzCRMguy” Smith is a Consultant, MCT and MVP based in Australia. He has a mighty collection of Convergence clips on his blog, moreover some of his pages contain more information then anywhere else (e.g. the ones about CRM certifications). You can find his blog here: Dynamics CRM Blog.
  • Leon “always right” Tribe (you noticed what I did there?) is a Dynamics CRM Consultant based in Sydney, Australia. Besides his excellent blogposts on Dynamics CRM. He makes spot on analyses concerning Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. You can find his posts on Leon’s CRM Musings.
  • Scott “Ribbon” Durrow combines technical knowledge with a good business vision. His biggest creation (so far) is the Ribbon workbench which has helped many CRM consultants. Want to find out more about Scott or the Ribbon? Visit the Develop 1 Limited blog!
  • Ulrik “The Chart Guy” Carlsson is your person to consult when looking to gain knowledge on CRM charts. He’s based in San Francisco, CA, but his chart blogposts are read all around the world. Where other consultants, as myself, try to post on a range of CRM topics, he specializes in visualising data. Do read his blog on CRM Chart Guy!
  • Tanguy “The Tool” has created the best toolbox for Dynamics CRM, which allows non-technical consultants to create a better CRM environment, ranging from mapping icons with your custom entities to editing the sitemap, in an easy and user friendly way. You can find his work on the Dynamics CRM Tools blog or the XrmToolbox