2016 New Year’s resolution – Programming Language Infographic

One of my New Year’s resolution for 2016 is to become a bit more technical in Dynamics CRM. This is an arduous effort for me as I don’t have a technical background whatsoever. My technical endeavors so far were mostly JavaScript scripts to modify (e.g. hide a full section) a form in Dynamics CRM.

Maybe this is an useless effort as business rules already allow for certain customizations (e.g. hide a field), which were previously done through JavaScript. What do you think?

Next, as I was looking to gain a deeper understanding of programming languages so I could find out which suited me best, I stumbled upon this beautiful infographic by Carl Cheo, inspired by Lord Of The Rings.

But what is your suggestion for me? Where should I start to be able to do more things in Dynamics CRM?


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