Back in business!


Alright, after 2 months of a blog-sabbath I’m back with new posts and new ideas on where to take this blog in 2018. A lot of stuff has happened during these last few months, leaving me unable to blog, but stay tuned as the best stuff still has to come.

How was 2017?

From a traffic perspective, it was quite interesting to see the blog reaching a bigger audience. In 2017 the blog had 36.220 views and 25.482 visitors. Compared to 2016, 25.474 views and 17.749 visitors, the blog grew at a rate of 1,4.

What will 2018 bring?

As my job function has changed during the last few months, so has my field of interest. Look out for more posts on Dynamics 365, added with some new ideas. One of those ideas is a “book of the month”. Other ideas will involve a broader perspective on the Dynamics 365 world and blog posts of other Dynamics 365 colleagues.

Stay tuned!

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