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I was truly amazed when I received the following news from; “I wanted to alert you that we included your September article in our ‘best of 2017’ D365/CRM list this week”. Check out the collection of the best 2017 articles or my own article on the real cost of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

No other product in the Microsoft Dynamics lineup promised changes in 2017 as vast as those of the Dynamics 365 customer experience lineup. The CRM landscape was as competitive as ever, and the Dynamics 365/CRM product management team seemed eager to keep pushing for a faster output on new capabilities, while also attempting to reset the roadmap around new packaging.


All that pushing has left Dynamics 365/CRM in a state of flux at the end of 2017. A new release, known as Version 9, is out, but partners desperately await firm guidance on the details of the long-awaited stripped-down Sales and Marketing apps that Microsoft has been working on.


Some of the top luminaries and experts in Dynamics 365/CRM lent their wisdom to us in 2017, and our stats tell us that readers were hungry for that intelligence. Following are our most-read pieces of the year.

The real cost of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM: Make smart estimates

Koen Van de Vyver of ESC bvba in Belgium analyzes the choices that an organization must make when evaluating Dynamics 365/CRM. Starting with a budget is important, since there is some math involved in figuring out software and services cost. And the numbers that come out of these estimates could shock some decision makers. Enterprise software can be expensive when all is said and done. But price tag on its own may divert attention from some of the benefits. He writes:

[S]ome organizations feel “sticker shock”, leaving them in disbelief of the ‘high’ cost that accompanies the implementation of Dynamics CRM. At first, budget cuts are often made, turning ‘need to have’ requirements into ‘nice to have’. Second, disbelief comes in; “You need 3 days to train our people? I thought you said it is easy-to-learn software!”. Third, other less expensive options are evaluated and often dismissed as they tend to not be able to offer the same out of the box value.

To be able a make a decision, you should take into account more than just the budget you have or don’t have to spend.

I do hope I can offer you in 2018 the same kind of quality content!

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