Bye bye CRM 4.0! Seriously, do an update!


If you still have a CRM 4.0 deployment running, as a lot of companies still do, it is really, really, really time to start upgrading as Microsoft’s extended support is ending April 10, 2018! If you want to read more about the history of CRM4.0 and its predecessors, check out Jukka’s blogpost: History of Microsoft’s CRM Software.

Blogpost from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team blog:

Microsoft Dynamics 4.0 will reach end of extended support on April 10, 2018.  If you are using this version, please upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 or a later version before April 10, 2018 to ensure supportability.

The best way to continue to get full support for Dynamics CRM is to upgrade to the latest versions, now known as Dynamics 365. Visit for information on the latest Dynamics 365 products.

The following resources are available to help you upgrade:

Have questions about supported products? Visit Microsoft Support Lifecycle to view a list of supported products and related policies.


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