ClickDimensions Release Update (V8.2.0) is pretty amazing!

Under the motto “Studying new technologies is the key to future succes” I have familiarized myself with ClickDimensions (and forgot to blog for a while). ClickDimensions is a solution for Dynamics CRM or as I officially need to call it: Dynamics 365. I got really interested in the product features as I followed the basic training courses and got certified. Its greatest competitor is Dynamics Marketing… wait, cancel that, I mean Adobe Marketing Cloud.

ClickDimensions November 2016 release was pretty amazing:


Campaign Automation Updates
A new action has been added to the ClickDimensions campaign automation builder. Users can now create a CRM campaign response and automatically associate it to a CRM campaign record. Details such as a description, due date, response code and more can also be included by users. In addition, this release will include a new option for the campaign automation builder’s Added to List trigger. Prior to publishing the campaign automation, users can select “Run on Entire List” to add everyone on an existing marketing list to a campaign automation in addition to everyone added after the automation is published.


Suppression Lists
With this new feature, users will be able to select one or more marketing lists to exclude from email sends. Anyone on a suppression list will not receive an email even if they are on the original marketing list set for the send.


So when would you want to use suppression lists? A perfect example would be if you are planning an event and are sending out a series of ClickDimensions emails inviting customers or prospects to your event. The idea is to send out an invitation email each week leading up to the event date, but you want to prevent emails from going to those individuals that have already registered for the event or have said they won’t be able to attend.

Read more on the ClickDimensions website: “How to use Suppression Lists in a ClickDimensions Email Send

Email Send Conversions: Website Visits and Form Submissions
ClickDimensions email sends will now have greater reporting capabilities. A new Conversions tab in the email send record will show users how many people visited their website directly from that email and how many submitted a form that was linked directly in that email.


Forms: Map a Field to the Parent Account/Customer Field on a Contact
With this release, users will now be able to map a text type form field to a parent account/customer lookup field on a contact record. If a visitor types in the company name as it appears in CRM on an account record, it will automatically populate the lookup with that account. If it does not match, it will not fill in the field, but keep the response in the posted field record. This functionality will be expanded to cover other lookup fields in the future.

“As we continue to build our product with customer needs in mind, this release includes features that are among the most requested by ClickDimensions customers,” said Shai Frank, Vice President of Product Management at ClickDimensions. “We are excited to roll out this quarterly release to our users and have some great new product features and enhancements in store for 2017.”

Source: ClickDimensions Website

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