Microsoft Dynamics CRM news from WPC 2015

CRM Sails

For those who missed it or could not attend WPC, I have summarized the most importing things concerning Dynamics CRM, based on the Partner News Update from August 2015.

Good news for the fans of the sales productivity promo!

During WPC 2015, we shared some exciting licensing and pricing updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. We are extending our Sales Productivity promotional pricing, providing a combined solution approach with Office 365, offering new purchasing options through our partner community, and new deployment options with Microsoft Azure.

According to the blogpost from Denis Ford on the Dynamics Forum, the prices for the extended sales promo will be as next;

For Web Direct customers, Dynamics CRM Online Professional, Office 365 Plan E3 and PowerBI can be purchased together for $65USD per user, per month, and existing Office 365 Plan E3 and E4 customers can add CRM Online Professional and PowerBI for only $45/user/month.

Cloud Solution Program (CSP)


Dynamics CRM Online is now available through the Cloud Solution Provider program. Through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, partners can:

  • Sell integrated offers and solutions
  • Own the end-to-end customer lifecycle
  • Own and control the billing relationship

Biggest benefit of the CSP? A single point of contact through the partner for sales, provisioning, management, support and billing. Furthermore, you can find more info on CSP on the Partner Network.

Technical Checkpoint

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Technical Checkpoint for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Accelerate Package.

Technical Checkpoint for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Accelerate package is designed to support Dynamics CRM Online customers in a partner-led implementation, delivering real value at an affordable price-point, and proving the value of Microsoft Services to open discussions for additional services and sales. For more details or to review the Customer presentation and datasheet, please contact your Partner Sales Executive, Partner Technology Strategist or Operations Team member.

I am looking forward to gather more info concerning the technical checkpoint. If anyone has as interesting resource, feel free to let me know.

Re-branding of “Microsoft Dynamics”

This last point has less to do with Dynamics CRM itself, but will definitely have an impact on all communication regarding Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The Microsoft Dynamics brand has undergone a change to better align with Microsoft’s “One Microsoft” mission. To help you with this transition, here are some key changes to note:

  • Microsoft is the lead brand on all content
  • The logotype with “sails” can no longer be used
  • Use Microsoft brand templates and photography instead of Dynamics-specific templates
  • Make sure that the full name “Microsoft Dynamics” is in your headlines and body copy

For more guidelines and helpful information to make sure that you are compliant with the latest branding and that you are accurately representing Microsoft Dynamics in the marketplace, please review the updated guidance in PartnerSource (I cannot link this resource as you should be registered on PartnerSource to consult this document).

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