News from Convergence 2015 – Dynamics CRM Spring update


Yesterday, Bob Stutz has blogged about future enhancements on Dynamics CRM in his post: Intelligent Customer Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Some quick take-aways from his post:

A deeper integration between CRM and Office 365

  • Better use of Excel:
    To help increase productivity, Microsoft is providing the ability for salespeople to conduct analysis in Excel, directly within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This eliminates the time and effort required to switch between applications in the middle of completing a business process. Salespeople can now view sales data in familiar Excel spreadsheets, perform what-if analysis, and upload the changes, all while maintaining the work context.Excel
  • OneNote coming to CRM
    With this release, salespeople can share information more easily with OneNote embedded inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They can create and view notes containing text, photos, voice, spreadsheets, and free-form drawings, all within the context of the account, opportunity, or any other CRM record they are working on.OneNote
  • More PowerBI
    Microsoft is empowering sales professionals with insights for better decision-making. Sales professionals can use Microsoft Power BI’s live dashboards and reports with drill-through, interactive, and visual capabilities to better track sales performance. In addition, with Power BI, sales managers can get answers fast with natural language Q&A. And sales managers can conduct all the analysis on their own, without having to rely on any technical resources. To help sales organization get up and running quickly on Power BI, Microsoft provides out-of-the-box connectivity to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and pre-built Power BI Sales Templates.Power BI

Enhancing social analytics

  • Text mining
  • Cloud visualization
    Social analytics
  • A social activity map
    Activity map

New user mobile user experience

  • A “configure once, deploy everywhere” model
    Microsoft is delivering a seamless sales experience across web, tablet, and now phone. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for phones is a re-imagined phone app, with support for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, allows salespeople to manage their sales data, guided by contextual business process, while on the go. Even when there is no connectivity, salespeople can continue to work with offline drafts that get synchronized once reconnected. With an app optimized for the phone, salespeople experience greater adoption and productivity. Deploying mobile apps is easy for the organization since they don’t have to configure for every device. The settings cascade across all devices and form factors.
  • A mobile SDK (I imagine they’ll try to compete with Resco’s Woodford)
    With mobility going beyond the new normal, organizations often need a unique vertical and role tailored experience for certain personas. Microsoft Dynamics CRM addresses this need by enabling organizations to build custom mobile apps through the platform. Microsoft provides developers with a variety of sample app templates including native iOS, Android and Windows Universal App templates. The samples have pre-configured connectivity to Dynamics CRM with authentication and data access helper libraries. This enables developers to write minimal code to connect to REST/SOAP endpoints.

I am looking forward to how these announcements will play out in the future and how they will be incorporated into the CRM system.

When will these goodies be available I hear you ask? The second quarter of calendar 2015!

UPDATE: be sure to check out Tayyab’s blogpost, which goes more into detail concerning the new functionalities in Dynamics CRM Spring Update

UPDATE2: Added new info based on the Release Preview Guide

Curious on how the new navigation will look after the spring update? This is how:

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