The new website is up and running!


In an effort to further offer great blog posts full of information on Dynamics CRM and the CRM eco system, the blog has moved to a new adress: ! I hope this allows for further growth of the blog.

There should not be any downtime anymore as most of the data has been transitioned and visitors will be redirected to the new website. But I still need to tweak the layout and the structure of the website.

As this is new territory for me, any tips and tricks for WordPress are greatly appreciated.



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  1. Hi

    Did you move your blog from wordpress free to wordpress paid for so you could put adverts on the blog.

    What was the process like? could you send me an email so I can flash a few questions your way.

    You have written some great blog posts this year, keep up the good work.

    Do you have a twitter account?



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