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new years eve 2017

2016 was a wonderfull year in which a lot of new things happened. Both in my personal life and in the world of CRM (e.g. the launch of Dynamics 365). The CRMGiant website has been upgraded (both in look as in backend). The site will be built up further in the course of the year, so please forgive me for empty pages or bad URL’s leading to nowhere :).

2017 brings a year full of new things to blog about. I have several ideas; a few several short blog posts, some big posts which will dig much more deeply in a topic I’m passionate about and a long running series on one topic. More info will follow shortly. But, before starting 2017, lets take a look at the posts which gathered the most views in 2016. Views measured by WordPress.

Setting up Out-of-the-box integration between Dynamics CRM 2016 and Dynamics NAV 2016!

The number one blog post was “Setting up Out-of-the-box integration between Dynamics CRM 2016 and Dynamics NAV 2016!” which was one of the first posts on the new site. The Out-Of-the-Box integration between CRM 2016 and NAV 2016 was one of the new features which became available after updating your CRM and NAV environment. What amazed me the most was the huge amount of comments and questions I received concerning this post.

Dynamics CRM 2015 vs Dynamics NAV 2015 – Part 1

The number two blog post (with only 6 views less than the first), was “Dynamics CRM 2015 vs Dynamics NAV 2015 – Part 1“.  In this post I tried to point out interesting differences and similarities between both systems as to make it easier for a Dynamics CRM consultant to understand the CRM module in Navision and the other way around. Pointing something out is not the same as discussing it into detail, which would lead us to far and was not the goal of this blog post.

Reporting in CRM Online 2013/2015 – Part 1

Lessons learned

Taking a look at old posts is one thing, learning lessons about them is something else:

  • My top three blog posts were rather long, technical and focussed very clearly on one specific topic.
  • Two of the three posts were related with another software (Dynamics Navision to be exact). I assume this attracted also non-Dynamics CRM/365 readers to the website.
  • All posts consisted of a clear user case in which I dove deeper into the topic and clearly illustrated.

This offers a clear guideline for me in the future. Product updates, sector news etc are not popular or I cover them unadequately which is not appreciated by the viewers. At the other hand, covering user cases in detail offers a huge added value to my blog-audience. Therefore, you can count on me creating new in-depth blog posts in 2017!

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