Yammer enables User Lifecycle Management from Office 365

I have blogged earlier about the lack of a proper security and administration model for Yammer. Moreover this is one the reasons why I advised against integrating Yammer with Dynamics CRM Online. But Yammer has recently stepped up its model and added User Lifecycle Management from Office 365. This allows to create, delete and manage your users in a more central way. Do keep in mind that this is only for the Enterprise edition and not the free version.

O365 actions you can now take

Creating an user:

Create a user

Delete a user:

Delete a user

Restore a user:

Restore an user

You can find the full email below

Yammer user lifecycle can now be managed from Office 365. Once Yammer Enterprise Activation is completed, user creation, deletion and restoration can be centralized in Office 365, and these actions are automatically reflected in Yammer. This new feature allows admins to have one place to manage the lifecycle of all their Office 365 users, including those who use Yammer. For example, Yammer administrators would notice that when Yammer users are deleted in Office 365, they are automatically deactivated (also known as ‘suspended’) in Yammer. These users will be shown as deactivated by ‘System Administrator’ and will also be included in the Export Users report. It is available now to all Yammer customers that use Office 365 sign in for Yammer.

More info can be found at the Office support website.


Should you integrate Yammer with Dynamics CRM Online in light of this recent update? No. A lot of work still has to be done concerning the security of these kind of integrations. But the future is looking promising if they keep adding these kind of updates.

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