Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and 2015 certifications


As Dynamics CRM Exam requirements will change in the near future, I wanted to recap on the previous ones. Whether you are new in the business or already years in it, certifications is something all of us need to (re)do at one moment or the other.

You can find a full list and more info about the CRM 2013 and 2015 exams on the blog of Mark Smith:

I have posted more info about the four certifications I already passed, as to make it easier for you to prepare for them. If you are looking for questions concerning the exam, you are in the wrong place as I will not break Microsoft’s NDA.

Exam MB2-700: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Applications

Skills Measured

  • Manage service cases (15-20%)
  • Manage the knowledge bases (5-10%)
  • Manage queues and contracts (10-15%)
  • Manage service scheduling (10-15%)
  • Manage leads and opportunities (15-20%)
  • Manage sales (15-20%)
  • Manage analysis and reporting features (15-20%)

Own experience

Definitely read this blogpost by travelkevcrm on the exam.

Exam MB2-703: Customization and Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Skills Measured

  • Create and customize solutions (10-15%)
  • Customize entities and entity relationships (10-15%)
  • Customize fields (10-15%)
  • Manage forms (10-15%)
  • Manage views (10-15%)
  • Create and customize charts and dashboards (10-15%)
  • Manage security (10-15%)
  • Manage business processes and rules (10-15%)

Own experience

Definitely read this blogpost by The Hosk and this one by travelkevcrm on the exam.

Exam MB2-704: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Application

Skills Measured

  • Apply sales management concepts (10-15%)
  • Manage leads and opportunities (10-15%)
  • Process sales (10-15%)
  • Analyze reports and sales (10-15%)
  • Apply service management (10-15%)
  • Manage service cases (10-15%)
  • Manage contracts and entitlements (10-15%)
  • Work with service scheduling (10-15%)
  • Analyze and report on service management (5-10%)

Own experience

A lot of questions on the exam are about service in CRM. If you read the skills measured well, you’ll notice that about 45%-70% handles service related topics. If you were like me and usually focus on the sales topics, you definitely will want to make an extra effort studying cases, contracts, entitlements, service scheduling, …

Exam MB2-707: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization and Configuration

Skills Measured

  • Manage solutions (10-15%)
  • Manage security (10-15%)
  • Customize entities (10-15%)
  • Customize fields (10-15%)
  • Manage relationships (10-15%)
  • Customize forms (10-15%)
  • Customize views (10-15%)
  • Customize charts and dashboards (5-10%)
  • Configure business process flows and business rules (10-15%)

Own experience

The MB2-707 exam was the hardest exam I took so far. The questions are very diverse and truly test your skills and knowledge of CRM. I definitely advice you to not underestimate this one and put a lot of effort in preparing for it.

Taking CRM Certifications Online

As this option was not available yet in my country at the time I did my certifications, I can not share any experiences about it. Neil Parkhurst at the other hand wrote a nice blogpost on his thoughts on doing Dynamics CRM certifications online.

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