Changes to Microsoft Dynamics Exam Requirements

A new year brings a new version of Dynamics CRM and thus new exams. Microsoft announced on PartnerSource some changes to the Dynamics CRM certifications. The biggest one being CRM 2013 exams will retire. I’ve made a short and easy summary for you to see all changes.

The post by Microsoft

This page outlines changes to exam requirements beginning September 1, 2016 for SPA, CSA, and MPN Competencies.  As part of these pro grams’ ongoing lifecycle, exam requirements are regularly updated per program strategy to ensure new versions of Microsoft Dynamics products and their associated technical exams and sales assessments are included in these requirements.  To reflect this, all partners must be on current product versions of exams for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (2015 or 2016) starting September 1, 2016 to be able to order and claim fees.

Full details can be found below; here is a summary of the requirements changes:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

All Programs: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 or 2016 Exams and Assessments will be required (2013 exams no longer accepted)
CSA – CRM OL: Online Deployment exam now required (see below)

My summary

Full summary exam requirement changes.png

An easy PDF for you to download

Full summary exam requirement changes


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