Microsoft Dynamics CRM Forms – Diagrams (4.0/2011/2013/2015)

I have talked earlier about the lay out of the forms in Dynamics CRM and the user experience they bring. But did you ever wonder how the diagrams of the forms look like? Here they are:

Classic Form (as used in Dynamics CRM 4.0 en 2011)

Classic Form

CRM form 4.0 and 2011

Updated Form (as used in Dynamics CRM 2013 en 2015)

Updated Form

Form for tablets (as used in the app)

Form for tablet

These are diagrams of the forms, do not mistake these with the navigation in CRM, e.g. the navigation bar in the web application.

Navigation bar

or the Outlook navigation:

Outlook navigation

If you are wondering how to change the navigation, check out the page “Change application navigation using the SiteMap” on MSDN.

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