Scaling your dynamics 365 business


So lets start by a disclaimer; I’m not an expert and have some years of experience. The following blogpost is my personal opinion combined with my personal experiences.

Think BIG

Maybe your the new kid on the block, maybe your a seasoned business who has been doing Dynamics for years. It doesn’t matter as Dynamics 365 brings a whole bunch of new opportunities to the table for all of us. Dare to think BIG as a Microsoft Partner. But please, for the love of god, don’t compromise on the quality of your offer.


You have a new customer? Great! On to the next one!

You have a new product? Great! On to the next one!

You missed an opportunity? Don’t worry! On to the next one!

Do take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour, but don’t celebrate to long on your gains, as other partners are around the corner. Consequently, if you lost an opportunity, don’t dwell on it to long, if you offer quality, someone is bound to contact you.

Work IN/OUT your business

Maybe you are reading this as a business leader, maybe as a team lead or as a consultant. Based on your needs and your daily activity, you should sometimes step ‘out’ of your business and think about how you are working. In my case, I micro-manage(d) to much and thus I was working to much ‘in’ the business, so now I’m trying to delegate more and work more ‘out’ of the business. This allows me to think about the way we work as a team and whether or not we are doing the right things.

Highest possible return on the optimal solution

Sometimes we put a band aid on a wooden leg. We do a quick fix in Dynamics by adding extra options to an option set, when in fact we should have replaced it long time ago by a custom entity. A solution is simply what it is, “a” as in “you can do this in 5 different ways which will give you more or less the same result”. The greatest challenge in Dynamics 365 is offering the optimal solution. For me this is a solution which does offer a good result, is easy to configure and can grow in the future so it can solve future needs. This results in an optimal solution with the highest possible return.


I don’t have all the answers concerning Dynamics 365 and I don’t think anyone does. You need people to fill in the gaps in knowledge and skills. Strengthen your team by different profiles and leverage the combined knowledge. But do also think outside of your own company and look into the ECO system of partnerships and solutions. This is for me, one of the greatest potential gains in the future as you don’t need to reinvent the wheel as somebody else has probably done this and has made this available in Appsource.


So what tips do you got for me? Feel free to add them in the comment section.


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