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Making predictions about the future is always a tricky thing to do. However, dreaming about how things could be, is harmless in my opinion. As my point of view on the Dynamics 365 updates is usually from a CRM perspective, it has been very informative to follow the Dynamics Navision side last week.

Directions EMEA 2017

Directions EMEA 2017, which used to be the Valhalla of Dynamics Navision, suddenly has the tagline “The future is Dynamics. Join the largest community of ERP and CRM partners.” and has Dynamics 365, Powerapps and Flow-sessions. Hmmm, where have I heard these terms before? Ah, I know, Dynamics CRM aka Dynamics 365 has been using them for almost a year. My Dynamics Navision colleagues come back, talking about Common Data Service (Previously known as Common Data Model). So if Directions has made one thing clear, it is that the future is Dynamics 365 instead of Dynamics Navision.

Prediction 1: Flow is going to be key in 2018 to develop a Dynamics 365 solution.

Dynamics NAV in the cloud

In the past we have heard several names for a Dynamics Navision in the cloud, one of them being Dynamics Financials. However, if I have understood correctly, the current name for Dynamics Navision in the cloud is “Dynamics Tenerife”, until a correct name is revealed. Having Dynamics Navision as a SaaS solution is going to be quite an adaptation to a lot of current Navision partners, as they are used to an On Premise deployment or hybrid deployment. Navision as a SaaS solution however, offers new possibilities for partners to gain market share in the SME market and poses a big threat to current solutions, such as Exact Online. Microsoft has left this market untouched, but is now ready to battle SAP, Oracle and Infor.

Of the various SaaS offerings in the market, enterprise resource planning (ERP) grew the most during the quarter, about 40% year-over-year, according to the report. That part of the market is dominated by SAP, Oracle and Infor.

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Prediction 2: Microsoft is going to market their new SaaS ERP solution aggressively from a price and functional point of view. Trying to gain market share as soon as possible. I’m estimating they target a market share of 10% by the end of 2018.

Microsoft - Linkedin - Dynamics

Dynamics: one ring to rule them all

Dynamics, dynamics, dynamics; it is the only thing you’ll hear Microsoft and Satya Nadella saying. The future is Dynamics, combined with other Business solutions, such as LinkedIn or Office 365.

With Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Business Solutions, we have opportunity to redefine what customers can expect from their business applications. Organizations of all sizes can now digitize business-critical functions, including relationship sales, talent and people processes, operations, customer service, field service and more.

– Satya Nadella at Inspire 2017

Prediction 3: Microsoft is going to focus 200% on Dynamics 365, combining several current technologies into Dynamics 365. These technologies will be Office 365, Dynamics CRM (aka Dynamics 365), Dynamics Navision, SharePoint, Power BI and Azure.


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