Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration with Insights and LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Discover how to add critical data for your contacts, prospects, and customers in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with virtually no data entry at all.

In this video, Senior Solution Architect and Readiness Expert Ulrik Carlsson (The CRM Chart Guy), shows you just how easy it is to add a company and five new contacts to Dynamics 365 by using it’s seamless integrations with Insights by InsideView and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

During this video you will learn how to:

  • Enter data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Outlook without ever leaving Outlook.
  • Enrich prospect and company data using Insights by InsideView.
  • Add additional contacts and prospects from Insights without even typing.
  • Get a full view of your connections and relationships to your prospects via the LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration.
  • Track your LinkedIn messages to your prospects in Dynamics 365.
  • Use PointDrive for LinkedIn to send sales and marketing collateral and get analytics on your recipient’s viewing behavior.

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