Dear Dynamics Recruiter, why don’t you use Dynamics 365 for Talent for fishing?


Yes I know, ranting on recruiters is easy. As is sending dozens of recruiting emails and LinkedIn messages offering an unique opportunity you don’t want to miss! Go fish! Do you know how many times I got offered a Dynamics Navision role? I did do Dynamics NAV, but that is over 3 years ago, seems somebody’s database is not up to date! Maybe Dynamics 365 for Talent can offer a solution for you, dear recruiter.

So maybe you don’t want to read, no problem, here is a 59 second video:

You do want to read? Great!

Lorrissa Horton has written a great post on the Dynamics community called “Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent is now GA!“. So let me filter the post on what is most interesting for you:

Win the war for talent by keeping candidates engaged

In today’s job market, the competition for talent is fierce. Qualified candidates are more informed than ever, and their hiring experience is often the deciding factor between competing job offers. You need a hiring process that will attract and engage the right candidates and ensure that you are their first choice once you make an offer. Accelerate your candidate pipeline, shorten the time to fill roles, and land top-tier candidates.

Candidate LinkedIn profiles are automatically integrated throughout the Dynamics 365 for Talent experiences.

Eliminated the back-and-forth of emails when trying to coordinate interview times between candidates and interviewers. Dynamics 365 for Talent automatically integrates with Office 365 to find the best times for everyone.

Candidates are automatically kept in the loop throughout their hiring experience. They can track their application status, indicate their availability, and see the details of their interview so they feel prepared.

You want to know more about the other modules? Just go and read the review of Those Dynamics Guys!


Or maybe you just like to keep fishing like all those other recruiters? No problem, just don’t expect me to bite.

For your amusement, here is my top 5 of fishing messages:

On place 5: no effort what so ever…

I wanted to get in contact with you as I focus on placing Microsoft Dynamics specialists throughout the Benelux region predominately within permanent roles.


I am currently working with a number of different partners and End users who are looking for CRM Developers and Consultants to join their growing teams.


After looking at your profile i think you would be a good fit for some of these positions and would be keen to discuss these in more detail with you.


I understand you may not be open to new opportunities right now, however if you would be open to having a brief conversation to find out more info then please do let me know.

On place 4: to build long-lasting relationships

I understand that you probably get dozens of messages a month about new roles, but I’m not really interested in just finding out if you’re “actively looking” for a new project right now because you’re probably not.


My primary aim is to build long-lasting relationships with specialists like you, whom I could potentially add value to, now or in the future.


I’m much more interested in finding out what you do, why you do it, what you like/dislike and ultimately what your short and long-term career plans are.


I understand that time is hard to find and you are very busy, but, do you have 5-10 minutes to arrange an intro call?

On place 3: the chance to work with “Cutting edge Dynamics AX”

I was interested in having a conversation with you regarding a role I am currently recruiting for in Antwerp.


The role is different than many others you likely get approached for. This is a role working directly for an end-user of Dynamics CRM with around 5,000 active users.


The company are one of the World’s largest chemical manufacturers and distributors. How would you like to work in an environment where your role is to look after such a crucial application to the growth of the business?


On top of this, they have a huge upgrade of their other Microsoft technologies rolling-out globally at the moment. This will give you a chance to work with the cutting edge Dynamics AX system.


I would like to explain more about this so how does a confidential conversation work for you?

On place 2: that very top-level export I am looking for

I specialise in helping European end-users implement, deploy and install MS CRM systems using the best independent contractors in the market rather than the expensive MS partners.


I don’t mean to make you blush but you have all of the skills and experience to represent that very top-level expert I am looking for.


I was hoping to establish whether you would be interested in such projects?


In return, I can approach you as and when a new customer requirement comes up – most of these can be worked on remotely but there will also be a chance to relocate if that is something you desire.


The real difference here will be on the financial side of things. MS partners typically only pay you around 40% of what they receive from the customer. Working through myself – this will realistically be 90% and can be done on a freelance basis.

On place 1:  A NAV opportunity for a CRM blogger

In my search for excellent Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Consultants and Developers, I came across your profile on LinkedIn and found myself intrigued with the work you’ve been doing and the skills you have acquired.


Based on what I saw, I can confidently say that I am about to tell you about one of the very best NAV opportunities in the Harelbeke area!


The reason I chose to contact you regarding this exciting opportunity is because the company is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, catering for the needs of logistics providers across Europe, as the target group with Microsoft Dynamics NAV as its platform. The company holds a worldwide client base which opens doors to really exceptional opportunities for it’s employees.


What makes this company more impressive than it’s competitors is the fact that the company has grown exponentially and doubled in size and profit in only a few years! Making it a leader in it’s market . This also means that the company offers one of the best salaries and company benefits in the market- with a company car and fuel allowances included, along with a long list of other benefits!


Any dedicated NAV consultant and developer would relish working on NAV 2016, and this company makes it completely possible. In addition, if working short flexible hours appeals to you, then this is definitely an opportunity you should explore.


We need to talk about this opportunity, as opportunities such as this hardly come by!


All you need to do is let me know the best number and time to call you – it will only take a few minutes and is completely confidential.

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