The “Invalid argument” error in Workflows/Business Process Flows/Data imports

Recently, CRM colleagues notified about a bug which pops up and gives you an “invalid argument” error in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

Andre Margano blogged about the error in Workflows and Business process flows: “Australian Data Centre Bug Workaround – “Invalid Argument” in Workflow/Business Process Flow Editor” and Natraj Yegnaraman found the same error during a data import: “Invalid Argument – Data Import“.

Both authors solved it by using a workaround in the personal settings – formats – current format to English (United States). This workaround suggests that the only solution is to change the format to English (United States), which in a way makes sense if we think about where Microsoft launches their products first.

By coincidence, I had to do a data import myself recently in an CRM 2015 Online ( version, DB


Apologies for the dutch screenshots, but this happened in a dutch CRM environment. My personal options – format were set to Dutch (Belgium), which is also the location I chose for the environment.

Personal options 1

I tried to import a file, but got the dreaded “ongeldig argument” or “invalid argument” error/bug.

Invalid argument

First I thought there was something wrong with the file, but I had imported the file earlier, so what could be the problem? After searching online for a solution, I stumbled on the posts I mentioned earlier. As I tried the offered workaround, changing the format to English (United States), it did not hold the solution for me. Frustration rose and by accident I changed my format to Dutch (Netherlands) and tried to import again.

Personal options 2

After changing the format to Dutch (Netherlands), the import succeeded.

Invalid argument 2

As you see, the earlier discussed workaround may not be the solution for your error. You might need to try another format in your own current language, instead of the English (United States). Hopefully Microsoft will solve this bug in the future.

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