Unhandled Exception: An easy guide to interpret Dynamics CRM error messages. – Part 2

Error message

In 2016 I have posted an easy guide to interpret Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365) error messages. Recently my colleague Harvey discovered a gap in the guide as more info about the error code can be captured in another way.

If you take a look at the <Message>, you’ll see:

Error code

The error code, which is expressed in “-2147187962”, can be translated using the Calculator app in Windows, to HEX. The HEX value here is “FFFF FFFF 8004 8306″. If you just take the numbers, you’ll end up with: “80048306″. Now that is a cool way to use the Calculator!

This code and many others can be found on the MSDN page: Web service error codes. Resulting in the following privilege error code:


BIG thanks to my colleague Harvey for pointing this out to me!

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