Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Power BI


Curious how to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Power BI? I have rounded up two nice tutorials for you:

Using Power BI with Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2015

Learn how Power BI (Business Intelligence) combines the power of Excel and Outlook 365 with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 to become a great platform for data analysis and visualization. In this video Narinder Singh also goes over CRM 2015 workbooks to help you understand the value of visualizing and analysing business data with Power BI.

Microsoft CRM Online Data & Power BI Tutorial [Odata]

In this tutorial we connect Microsoft Power BI tools to Microsoft CRM Online in Excel Power Query using an OData connection. We import and link two CRM data tables in Power Pivot. We transform data in steps with Power Query Editor. Using Power View we introduce creating dashboards based on Dynamics CRM data. We upload an Excel document to Power BI for SharePoint and then embed an Excel Web App into a Dynamics CRM Form.

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