Woodford not showing in Dynamics CRM


Recently I saw … or rather did not see the Woodford customization tool in a Dynamics CRM online organization after it was automatically updated by Microsoft. To be precise, the Woodford solution is installed, but the Woodford tool is not visible in the “settings” section.


Possible solutions

  • Updating the Resco solution (from version to did not deliver a solution.
  • Resetting the SiteMap from the organization with the XrmToolbox did not solve the problem either.

Last possible solution

Removing the Woodford solution and reimporting it. The reason I didn’t do this is quite simple. I’ll lose the customizations which already have been done in my mobile project. Ofcourse, unless you have a backup of your mobile project.

But wait! Before you do this, try out the following solution I found out with the help of the guys at Mobile CRM (thank you Roland!).

The real solution

In my opinion, the disappearing buttons are due to the update by Microsoft, but according to the Mobile CRM support, this is due to importing an unmanaged solution file with site map, which replaces your existing site map.

You can solve this by adding the item manually using the site map editor from XrmToolbox. You can find the item definitions in Woodford solution customization.xml file in the SiteMap section.

Adding the item definitions (Xml content) in your sitemap:

Sitemap 1

These are the item definitions you should add:

<Group Id=”resco_MobileCRM”>
<Title Title=”MobileCRM” />
<Description Description=”Resco MobileCRM” />
<SubArea Id=”resco_Woodford” Url=”$webresource:resco_MobileCRM/WoodfordLoad.html” Icon=”$webresource:resco_MobileCRM/WoodfordIcon18x18.png” Client=”Web” AvailableOffline=”false”>
<Title Title=”Woodford” />
<Description Description=”Resco Woodford” />
<Privilege Entity=”resco_mobileproject” Privilege=”Read,Write,Create,Delete” />
<SubArea Id=”resco_MobileAudit” Url=”$webresource:resco_MobileCRM/MobileAuditLoad.html” Icon=”$webresource:resco_MobileCRM/MobileAuditEntityIcon_16x16.png” Client=”Web” AvailableOffline=”false”>
<Title Title=”Auditing” />
<Description Description=”Resco Mobile Auditing” />
<Privilege Entity=”resco_mobileaudit” Privilege=”Read” />

Possible error:

When you try to update the sitemap after adding the item definitions, you might receive the following error:

Sitemap 2

This error is due to missing LCID attributes. You could add these in the previously added item definitions or directly in the SiteMap at the following properties:

Sitemap 3

If your going to the English language like me, you’ ll have to pick 1033. Check out Microsoft’s Global Developer Center for all LCID’s.

Save your properties and update the sitemap. Voila, you’re ready and the Mobile CRM customization tool (Woodford) is visible again in your CRM organization!




  1. Alessandro Cosi

    Hallo, thanks for the post, very helpful!
    For the new version of “woodford_12_0_1_43520_2013” I had to copy form the “customizations.xml” the group “Group Id=”resco_MobileCRM” and then delete manually the attribute “ordinalvalue” and “solutionaction” form the XML file.


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