Finally! Out-of-the-box integration between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics NAV!


You probably all have experimented with the old Dynamics Connector, and came to the conclusion: it sucked! No flexibility, not stable, … we tried to implement it a few times, but always had to turn to third party solutions, which is hard to sell for customers that buy two Dynamics products and expect them to work perfectly with each other.

Dynamics Navision 2016

Now, with NAV2016, there is finally a decent way to connect NAV with CRM by adding a new type of table, being a CRM table. In a way, we are able to connect to a CRM Online table, which means we can code against it like it was a normal table in NAV. So the entire CRM integration is actually just coded in C/AL. Which means: readable, extendable! In 10 minutes, you can have an out-of-the-box connection with CRM Online.  And a few minutes later, you can have even a customized CRM Connector, that matches your customer’s needs.

I’m preparing a few blog posts on how you need to set it up yourself, but in the meantime I have found some interesting Microsoft videos which shows the integration setup, the integration itself and how you can use it in your organization. But I must warn you for the bad quality of them (in terms of video and audio). Microsoft, get your materials in order!

The integration setup

How Do I: Run Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration Setup in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The integration itself

How Do I: Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

How you can use the integration

How Do I: Work Natively with CRM in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016: What’s New


  1. Thanks for the referral :-).
    I had one question on this connector. When I read the requirements on this connector, it mentions these:
    – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update
    – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1
    – or Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

    Does this mean both online as onpremise versions of CRM is supported?

    1. Hi Waldo, great to have you around 🙂 !

      At this moment I have made the connection between a Dynamics NAV on Azure and a Dynamics CRM Online 2015 (Update 1). Moreover, I’m very happy and excited about the integration as it went pretty smooth. I haven’t made a connection yet with a CRM On Premises, so I can’t confirm if the On Premises is supported or not. Furthermore, Technet doesn’t really give a clear answer.

      I’m working on a blog post in which I’ll show the set up and share some of my experiences. If possible I’ll try to test out your question with an On Premises CRM and get back to you.

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  4. alfego79

    ¿How to integrate lookup CRM fields to NAVISION?

    When i exported the table from CRM (New-NavCrmTable) it didnt export all this kind of fields .
    Is there any way to do it?

  5. Hi Koen,

    I have the native integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (9.00.42815) with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 On-premise (, when I use the DYNAMICS NAV button in Account form to open the client’s nav page I have the following mention: “The URL contains an incorrectly formatted filter string and cannot be processed”. I use the following link (http://localhost:8080/DynamicsNAV90/WebClient/?page=5329&filter=%27Filter%27%20IS%20%27CRMID:%7BB867EAE8-0F52-E811-80CD-0050569C6F85%7D;CRMType:account%27). Can you help me? Thanks

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