Funnel Charts? Yes Please! – Resco Mobile CRM Winter Update

Winter update is coming

I can’t help it, I’m still a big fan of Resco Mobile CRM and they have just released its Winter Update. I am excited to see the new features implemented in a CRM project.

New features


  • Split screen support (iOS) — Newest iPads (iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 at the moment) allow for two apps being used side by side, so people can, for instance, type in meeting notes as they talk to a client on Skype.
  • Email toolbar (Android) — users get a new toolbar on the bottom of each email that allows them to take quick actions, such as reply, forward, mark as read, etc.
  • Configurable scrollbar (Desktop) — users can configure the width of a scrollbar when working with the Resco Mobile CRM desktop client for Windows.
  • Select an option using the keyboard (Desktop) — users can now easily select an option from a picklist by typing in the initial letter of the option, e.g. when rating an opportunity, users can type in H for hot, W for warm, or C for cold.


Resco Mobile CRM Winter Update: Microsoft Exchange

  • Spelling checker for outbound emails — users will be notified of incorrect spelling as they compose an email within the Mobile CRM application.
  • Exchange folder in the main menu — users can access Exchange folders and emails in them directly from their home menu.
  • Extended support for MS Exchange —users can now also delete emails or move them to specific folders.


  • Resco chat with web interface — mobile users can now not only chat with their colleagues in the field, but also with those in the office as Resco’s chat now runs inside MS Dynamics CRM.


Resco Mobile CRM Winter Update: Funnel chart

The long-awaited funnel support finally in Resco Mobile CRM.

  • Funnel chart support — people can gain insights into their or company’s performance by examining funnel charts that are now available in the Resco Mobile CRM application.
  • Show records form the chart — users can click on a section in a chart (e.g. hot opportunities) and select the option ‘Show Records’. This will lead them to the clickable list of selected records (works for charts displayed on entity lists).
  • Configure chart’s drill-down — system admins can select which fields will be available to users, when they go in and drill down into charts. By default, the list showed all available fields, which could have been a bit overwhelming. Now, users can get a limited, easy-to-navigate option set.
  • Optimized look of the charts — Charts now display shorter numeric labels, so they fit better onto the small screen of any mobile device (instead of 2.000.000, users will see 2.00M). Labels were put inside bars/columns if they fit, and long labels are skewed to a 45 degree angle in order to make them easily readable.

Business logic

Resco Mobile CRM Winter Update: Business logic

Custom activities can now be converted into an opportunity or a case.

  • Convert activity to a case, an opportunity or a lead — activities, even custom ones, can be now easily converted into cases, opportunities or leads.
  • Handle Start, End, and Duration fields on any activity — system admins can set up custom calculations for the duration field in case they want it in a different format (e.g. seconds) and therefore overwrite the default automatic calculations.

User Interface

Resco Mobile CRM Winter Update: User Interface

Users can now easily filter and sort records. Filter automatically uses the AND operator for all new conditions (alternatively, if the user filters by the same field multiple times, in which the OR operator is used — e.g. filter accounts from cities Redmond or Boston).

  • Sort and filter in all lists — the search option has been extended and now includes options to filter and sort records.
  • Clickable cells — cells on a view can be made clickable and therefore offer quick actions, such as open a lookup, start a phone call or an email draft. To make the clickable cells more apparent, system admins can set them in a different style, e.g. blue font, italic…
  • Add multiple images at once — users can select multiple images in one go when adding them to notes, cloud documents or emails (works for iOS 8 and higher).
  • New list & form styles — new options to customize the look of the app have been added, which allow admins to, for example, underline or set font in italic.
  • Show entity’s name in the header — when looking at an associated list, users could get easily confused as to where in the app they currently happen to be. Therefore now the app displays the entity’s name on top to offer easier navigation.
  • Extended search options — searching for records has become easier, as each user can now search by using multiple keywords, use quotes for an exact match or use the known asterisk symbol that enables a substring search.
  • Form style color configuration — admins can set styles for form items, so that fields can appear in different colors.
  • Configure views for maps & charts — system admins can now decide whether the initial entity view should be a list (as it was until now) or a chart (and if so, which type of chart) or a map. They can also decide which public views can be used for charts and maps.

Route Planning

  • Set appointment organizer by default — the application will automatically select the current user of the mobile application as the organizer of an appointment.
  • Route planning rules — rules can now be used in Resco Mobile CRM Route Planning, e.g. set up fields upon adding or completing an event.


  • Verify customization integrity — upon launch, the app will hash the Woodford customization to the existing customization on the device to see if these match. If the data doesn’t match, the app will prompt the user to synchronize the app again to avoid potential infiltration with a harmful code.
  • Custom parent-child relationship setup in Woodford — in order to prevent workflows from being launched before all child records are synchronized, admins can set custom relationships that will properly order the synchronization steps (example: synchronize an order, then order details, and then the new order status that will trigger a workflow).

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