How can you set up route planning in MobileCRM?

Last week I’ve talked about how you could use Resco’s new feature in it’s MobileCRM app; route planning. Today, I will explain in 3 steps how you can set up route planning for your mobile project in Woodford, which is Resco’s tool to customize your app.

Step 1: Create a route plan in your mobile project

Create a route plan

You can call your route plan whatever you like, for this example I used “RoutePlan” as name. But you could call it e.g. “Appointment – Routeplan” or “Service activity – Routeplan” if you create different routeplans for different activities.

Step 2: Edit your route plan and pick your kind of activity

You can pick what type of activity you want to create in your route plan. You can pick following types:

  • Appointment: this seems to be the most obvious one to me. And as thus I have used this activity for this example.
  • Task: you could use tasks for e.g. you are creating a “to do” list (pick up A at customer B, deliver package C to customer D and finally bring E to customer F) and create a route accordingly.
  • Email: Email seems to be the odd one in the list. I haven’t found a fine example yet why you would use route mapping for emails, but feel free to leave your suggestion!
  • Service Activity: Just as appointments, you could use Service activities to map out a route for your service technician to visit customer who need a repair or a maintenance visit.
  • Phone conversation: As with email I’m not entirely sure why you would create a route planning for a phone conversation. Phone calls are the easiest way to do reach people without having to move yourself and as such I do not see a use for route planning here. But again, leave your suggestion if you think otherwise.


You can pick the activity view.

Edit your route plan - 2

And the source view for your route plan.

Edit your route plan - 3

You now have a route plan!

you now have a routeplan

Step 3: Add your routeplan to your project and publish!

Add your routeplan to your project

Finally, don’t forget to validate and publish your project!

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