How does it work… Resco Mobile CRM’s support department

You might have emailed them concerning an issue you had and received an extensive answer within the hour or you just wanted some info concerning Resco Mobile CRM.

Whatever the cause was, I’m sure you were just as surprised and satisfied, as me, with the degree of help you received from guys like Lukas or Roland. But lets dig deeper into what makes the support department of Resco tick.

Moreover, this post is not going to be a one sided monologue from me, but a short interview I had with Resco as they allowed me some insights in their inner workings. Let me know what you guys think of it and if it would be interesting to do a following (more flushed out ) interview.

*Begin of the interview*

Me: How is Resco’s support managed? Is it done internally or externally, like Microsoft’s?

Resco: All of our support is done internally – we’re aiming for the highest standard and short response times. Having the support team consist of internal employees directly at our headquarters in Bratislava enables us to achieve exactly that.

Me: How big is the support team? And I’m talking in number of people here!

Resco: Our dedicated support team consists of 4 people who know the ins and outs of Resco Mobile CRM and their primary goal is to help customers and partners with any issues they might encounter.

Me: What is the best way for customers to reach the support team? Should they drop by? Give you guys a call? Send a text?

Resco: All clients need to do, is contact us at and we’ll take it from there. The support team replies to every e-mail and can also set up a phone call. And if needed they can also work directly within the client’s environment (if the client wishes so and allows access), on their screen, via remote access.

Me: How is the relationship between the support team and the development team?

Resco: The support team collaborates closely with our development team – sometimes even developers are in direct contact with clients to help solve an issue even faster. Furthermore, for developers this cooperation also provides deeper insights into customers’ and partners’ needs, which are then taken into account when deciding what features will be added to Mobile CRM next.

Me: Sometimes I receive a reply from an account manager instead of a support engineer, what is that about?

Resco: Occasionally, our account managers can also often help with simpler issues some users might encounter from time to time.

*End of the interview*

So what do you guys think? Is this something you would be interested in to read more? Feel free to let me know and maybe I could do a longer interview concerning the development or marketing team from Resco. Another software program which might peak your interest is also a possibility.

Personal note: the interview is a bit on the short side, as Resco’s employees were in full preparation for a new release version, managing the merger with CWR Mobile and preparing for on November 3th and 4th in Munich (Germany).

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