Make a QR code for quick logins in Resco Mobile CRM

The following is a nice trick I saw during in Amsterdam. Creating your own login QR-code is a very useful, timesaving move. You can use any QR-code generator to create a QR-code text similar to this:

UserMode = Standard [Standard, External, Anonymous, CurrentUser, OAuth2]

Url = YourURL

UserName = YourUser

Password = YourPassword

SavePassword = 0 [1,0]

HomeRealm = YourHomeRealmAddress

Note: The parameters in square brackets are the options you can use for a particular field. Choose only one of them according to your login requirements.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use all these rows in your QR-code. Only use those that are necessary for your login/sync.


You can try to scan the example QR-code below and see how this example actually looks like in the application. This is the text used to create the QR-code:


UserMode = Standard

Url = YourURLHere

UserName = YourUserNameHere

SavePassword = 1

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