Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Resco Mobile CRM has been one of my top tools to create a custom app for clients. Enabling consultants to bring the customizations they did in the CRM organisation, to the customers app.

Their new video sums it up nicely:

Take a new approach towards business—go mobile with your Dynamics CRM and get closer to the real action. You can now work with your data everywhere you happen to be. Be it at a meeting with customer or on the way to an appointment. The possibility to access the desired information online & offline will greatly ease your job.

Work with your data effortlessly, astonishingly quickly, and take advantage of delightful features, such as interactive maps or photo capturing. That’s not all! You can also fully customize the app and bring in the features you want.

1. Get the app for FREE
2. Sync it DIRECTLY with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
3. INSTANTLY enjoy the mobility


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