Resco’s Mobile CRM does not play well with Microsoft’s Surface

By now you might have heard of the Resco Mobile CRM app. I have blogged about it earlier. But to be able to make these nice apps, you’ll have to use a tool which is called “Woodford”. You can use this tool in your browser, after installing it in your CRM environment as a managed solution, or you can use it as a stand-alone program on your desktop client.

A while ago I was trying to use the stand-alone program on a Surface RT8.1 and encountered some technical difficulties. Reason for these issues is the fact that Woodford runs on Silverlight, which is not supported for Surface RT or Surface 2.



This could not really be a big problem I hear you think, just install Silverlight! Well, thats were things definitely get confusing. As you can’t install new programs and can only use the out of the box ones, you can’t install Silverlight.

Windows RT


There is not really a solution to this problem. I advice a workaround by using your desk top client and not a Surface to do your customisations.

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