Resco’s Partner Marketplace

Resco_Partner Marketplace

Resco partners can now promote their solutions built on the company‘s technology at the brand-new marketplace, just launched on Resco’s website.

The Partner Marketplace aims to help prospects and customers find and evaluate line-of-business solutions for their specific business vertical. At the same time, it enables both professional and premier partners to showcase the solutions they have created on top of Resco’s technology.

This includes solutions utilizing the Resco Mobile client to provide advanced mobility for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, as well as solutions utilizing the complete Resco Cloud platform for back office and in-the-field use. Resco’s Partner Marketplace allows visitors to scan partner offerings by industry, such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail & wholesale, IT, energy, or by the country the partner is located in.

System integrators who wish to get their solutions listed on the marketplace are required to submit a short description, screenshots and a hyperlink to a website where visitors can find detailed information on the partner product. Partners can request the complete information on submitting a solution for listing on the Partner Marketplace here.

Users can visit Resco’s Partner Marketplace at

Resco_Partner Marketplace2

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