Want $5.000 in free Resco Mobile CRM licenses ?


Just become a partner! Partners – the essential people that help deliver Resco’s technology all around the globe. But what initial value do they receive when teaming up with Resco? What makes 500+ software integrators choose their solutions for projects of all shapes and sizes?

Every single Resco partner receives 10 (for Professional partnership) or 20 (for Premier partners) free unlimited Resco Mobile CRM (the mobile aspect of Resco Cloud) licenses. Which translates into almost $5000, respectively $10 000 value merely in Resco licenses year after year. After all – nothing helps explain the solution’s advantages to customers, than getting a proper hands-on experience of it yourself.

Partners may use the free Resco licenses to create their own customizations and then to test and demo Resco Mobile CRM for clients, run the solution for internal usage, or even test it their customers as long as required – not limited by the 30-day trial period.

How can your company become a Resco partner?

To become a Resco partner you need to go through a simple three-step process:

  1. Contact them at sales@resco.net
  2. Tell them about your company
  3. Sign the partner agreement

And to top it off: It’s completely free to join!

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated in any way with Resco, I just think it is stupid to go through several 30-day trial periods when you can just become a partner and use the software yourself!

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