What’s new in Resco’s Spring Release 2018?

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Resco – the leading provider of mobile solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce – has released the 2018 Spring Release of Resco Mobile CRM, including 36 new capabilities and improvements. The most interesting new feature for me is the improved bar code scanner.

Mobile Reports

Legally binding electronic signatures – add legally binding electronic signatures to your mobile reports via the Resco Mobile CRM app, thanks to the integration with Universign (requires Universign license)

Break report cell across pages – correctly divide report cells across the pages of the mobile report PDF document

Dynamics 365 On-premises SSRS reports support – with ADFS OAuth authentication, you can utilize SSRS reports even if Resco Mobile CRM app synchronizes with on-premises deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Export maximum – set up a maximum number of records which can be exported

Rules support – create rules in report designer; for example it enables to add calculated fields or define field visibility (e.g. a field will be included in the report only if it contains relevant data)


Aggregate pin – if you have multiple records at the same approximate location, only one pin with a number will be displayed in the map view; the number indicates how many records are represented by the pin

Aggregate pin pop-up – tap on an aggregate pin to see a list of records represented by the pin; from there you can quickly open any of the records


Google Maps on iOS – on iPhones and iPads you can now use Google Maps instead of the built-in Apple Maps for mapping features and navigation

Manage MapBox offline maps – in the Resco Mobile CRM’s app Settings section users can download/remove MapBox offline maps if they are used in the app

Initial position based on a record – setup initial map region based on a specific entity record; e.g. map will zoom in on a particular account to show the account’s associated contacts which are nearby

Geocoding – the Woodford configuration tool can be used to provide location data to existing records on the server; makes the experience easier with large data sets, it is now possible to create a filter for entities to geo-code


Merge dialog – if a synchronization conflict occurs, a dialog window can appear in the app where the user can see values from fields in the CRM server and the local copy and select which will appear in the merged record

Salesforce sync speed optimization – generally 2 times faster synchronization with Salesforce

Background attachment sync – app can automatically switch to a background download of attachments so users can work with the app even while the potentially large files are being downloaded

Dynamics 365 multi-select picklist support – picklists which enable users to select more than one option in Dynamics 365 are now supported in the Resco Mobile CRM app as well

Send sync log to server – application can be configured so that it sends the synchronization logs automatically to Dynamics 365 during synchronization, where they are saved as SyncEnd audit records

OAuth authentication support for on-premises Dynamics 365 deployments utilizing ADFS

Personal information management

Automatically track e-mail threads – you can automatically track every new e-mail once you’ve track of an earlier e-mail in a conversation (with Exchange & Gmail integration)

Import personal events to CRM – the Resco mobile client can ask the user whether to view or store personal events (e.g. calendar appointment) on the CRM server

Notification windows support on Windows 10


Import dialog – a dialog window enabling to import a CSV file as records

Merge dialog – this dialog window enables users to merge 2 or more records, optionally re-parent children, and optionally de-activate subordinate records

Advanced Find – users can effortlessly include custom filters they used earlier when looking up records via Advanced Find

Text annotation in image editor – users can now add and format text to the photos and pictures they’re editing in the app’s built-in image editor

Keyboard shortcuts for desktop – the following keyboard shortcuts are now supported in the desktop version of the app: CTRL+S (Save), CTRL+F4 (Close), CTRL+N (New associated record)

Barcode Scanning

Required code length  system admins can specify the required length of scanned barcodes

EAN 2 & EAN 5 code formats supported

Barcode scanning speeds up the ordering and search process while minimizing the possibility of human error. These advantages already make it a widely used feature, but there may still be room for finding more possibilities to utilize it. We have prepared a few scenarios where barcode scanning could prove beneficial to you.

Imagine a worker performing machinery maintenance. The machine has a serial number, which he would normally have to enter manually into a form or search bar. But with barcode scanning, not only does it take him just one tap to enter the number, he can also instantly see the list of all related components and their availability. This option could also be used during inspections to determine which spare parts are in short supply and need to be ordered. And after a successful part replacement, the worker can simply scan the barcodes on the boxes to fill in the task form.

If the products already have barcodes and are related in the CRM, which is often the case, there is nothing easier than just capitalize on this setting. Knowing this, team members can finish their tasks in the field both quickly and precisely. Barcodes can also be printed independently to label just about any item that is a part of the process. This one-time investment can improve maintenance, inspections, or stock management. Should you need more than just an ID number, you can use QR codes, which can contain alphanumeric and binary information. In the past, we have written a blog post on a few tips to boost your Resco Mobile CRM user experience, including using QR codes for quick logins.


HTML beta version updated – global optimization of Woodford’s HTML beta version; the beta version should be used for testing purposes only

Hide/show time editor in form – use IsTimeVisible rule property to make the time editor visible on forms

Manage the Attachment tab on Note form – new “Attachment” rule in Woodford allows to easier manage attachments which are added to the Note form

Resco Cloud Server

MailerLite, GetResponse support – new e-mail marketing services can now be integrated with Resco Cloud

Entity & Attribute map – system admins can apply simple rules for copying fields when creating a new associated record

New query operators added

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