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CRM 2016 is slowly starting to introduce itself in new and old organizations around the world. But what are some of the unique features of a CRM 2016 online versus an on-premises deployment? Find out in this post.

CRM Online and CRM On-premises features

  • Navigation – Move around CRM using the new navigation bar and menu system
  • Performance – Forms load much faster with the new form rendering engine
  • Add a logo or change the color scheme using themes
  • Define business rules based on business process flows
  • Move back to the previous stage of a business process flow on a different entity
  • Call custom actions from workflows or dialogs
  • Define rules for creating or updating CRM records from incoming activities
  • Calculated field enhancements
  • Clear field values with business rules
  • Use solution segmentation for tighter control of solutions exports and patches
  • Email a link to a page from CRM for phones and tablets
  • Enjoy the same mobile experience whether you’re using a phone or tablet
  • Provide modern UI with the new visual controls in CRM for phones and tablets
  • Export data to Excel from CRM for phones and tablets
  • Use iFrames and web resources in CRM for tablets
  • Manage devices with Intune device management
  • Use mobile apps with Windows 10 and iOS 9
  • Preview mobile forms and dashboards before deploying to CRM for phones and tablets
  • Secure your mobile data with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Good
  • View SharePoint documents in CRM for phones and tablets
  • Customize interactive service hub dashboards and forms
  • Enable service level agreements (SLAs) on demand
  • Prioritize workloads with new interactive service hub dashboards and forms
  • Reduce case call-handling time with rich knowledge management articles
  • Speed up customer service with default entitlements
  • New, improved Unified Service Desk
  • Change tracking API
  • Control.getShowTime method for Date controls
  • Create alternate keys for referencing records in CRM
  • Custom actions in workflows or dialogs
  • Custom claim mapping for SharePoint server-based integration
  • Enhanced capabilities for sub-grid controls in forms
  • Integrate CRM data with external systems more easily
  • Multiple message execution
  • New form script capabilities
  • Optimistic concurrency
  • Record creation and update rulesRollup field enhancements
  • Specify custom price lists for opportunities, quotes, orders, and invoices
  • Support for additional “older than” clauses for date and time fields in FetchXML and QueryExpression
  • Support for new behavior of date and time values in CRM
  • Tracing
  • Track emails at the folder level
  • Update message for specialized operations
  • Upsert for updating CRM with external data
  • Email – Dynamics CRM for Outlook (aka Outlook client) for Exchange Online
  • Email – Dynamics CRM for Outlook (aka Outlook client) for Exchange on-premises
  • Email – Monitor mailbox health using the improved server-side synchronization performance dashboard
  • Email – Track Exchange email activities automatically with folder tracking
  • Export to Excel completely redesigned
  • OneDrive for Business (online)
  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint (on-premises)
  • Skype for Business (online)
  • Skype for Business (on-premises)
  • Excel templates
  • Word templates

CRM On-premises only features

  • Email – Server-side synchronization – connect CRM on-premises to Exchange on-premises

CRM Online only features

  • Analytics – Power Query connector streamlines connections to CRM Online
  • Switch or delete an instance of CRM Online
  • Manage CRM Online updates (customer-driven updates)
  • Create a task flow in CRM for phones and tablets (Preview feature)
  • Share the knowledge base with Parature
  • Use surveys to collect feedback from customers
  • Form script support for the new Knowledge Management (KM) integration with Parature
  • Integration with Parature
  • Email – Dynamics CRM App for Outlook for Exchange Online
  • Email – Server-side synchronization Test connection to Exchange on-premises and setup guide
  • Email – Server-side synchronization – connect CRM Online with Exchange on-premises
  • Email – Server-side synchronization – connect CRM Online to Exchange Online
  • Delve (Exchange Online optional for attachments). SharePoint Online license required
  • Immersive experience, Excel Online
  • Office 365 Groups (Exchange Online)
  • OneNote (online)
  • Yammer (online)

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