Did you know about …The Dynamics 365 SMB offer?

With all the changes in Dynamics 365, people get lost in the new pricensing models and transition offers that Microsoft showers around. Browsing the countless powerpoints, I came upon an offer which is especially interesting for Small and Medium sized companies, called the “Dynamics 365 SMB offer”. So if you are looking to buy Dynamics 365, ask your partner for this nice offer.

After Dynamics 365 launches in November, all Dynamics CRM Online Professional offers (including the “Sales Productivity” Add-On SKUs) will no longer be purchasable by new customers. This means that from November until the launch of Dynamics 365 Business edition, new SMB customers that require CRM solutions will need to purchase Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition applications.

To help bridge this gap, and specifically to help SMB-focused CRM partners to maintain momentum, we will offer Dynamics 365 for Sales, Enterprise edition at a reduced-price for a limited time. This SKU will have an estimated retail price of US $40/user/month and will include both the Sales functionality and the basic Marketing elements currently within Dynamics CRM Online (e.g. campaign and lead management, not Microsoft Dynamics Marketing). The temporary SKU does not include access to any Customer Service functionality, as that is now part of the Customer Service application within Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition. Customers that require Customer Service functionality will need to subscribe to the Enterprise edition Customer Service App or Enterprise Plan 1.

Additionally, new customers that purchase this interim $40 offer will also be able to obtain a version of Team Members, Enterprise edition targeted at these SMB customers with an estimated retail price of $5/user/month, in alignment with the current Business edition pricing.

The temporary SKUs will only be available via CSP, and will only be available until the launch of Dynamics 365 for Sales, Business edition. Any CSP partner can offer these SKUs. Those partners currently selling Dynamics CRM Online via other licensing channels (Open, Advisor) will need to work with a qualified CSP partner to transact licenses. To help target this discounted SKU at the SMB segment, there will be a 25-seat maximum for Dynamics 365 for Sales, Enterprise edition to mitigate cannibalization of the full-priced offer, and a maximum of 150 seats of the discounted priced Team Members, Enterprise edition.

New customers that purchase these discounted SKUs for $40 and $5 (estimated retail prices) will be able to renew their subscription to Dynamics 365 for Sales, Enterprise edition and Team Members, Enterprise edition, respectively, at the same rate for up to three years. They will not have to leverage a “transition SKU”, being made available for current subscribers of Dynamics CRM Online, during this period. To take advantage of this offer, if the customer meets the eligibility requirements, a customer simply needs to order the appropriate Dynamics 365 for Sales, Enterprise edition (for SMB) SKU under the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) price list, and add the accompanying Team Member SKUs as appropriate. Note that standard partner discounts will apply against the estimated retail price of $40.


  •  Promotion applies to new Dynamics 365 for Sales or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers. A new customer is a customer that has not previously licensed any version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Maximum of 25 Dynamics 365 for Sales, Enterprise edition seats.
  • Maximum of 150 Dynamics 365 for Team Members, Enterprise edition seats.
  • Team members, Enterprise edition for $5 only on customer accounts with the $40 Dynamics 365 for Sales, Enterprise edition offer.
  • Available from Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program partners only
  • Available November 1, 2016 until June 30, 2017 or the public availability of Dynamics 365 for Sales, Business Edition, whichever comes first.
  • Renewable for a maximum of three years.
  • Tiered pricing is not applicable for this offer.
  • Customers that need access to more than just Sales will need to purchase Enterprise edition Plan 1 or the Customer Service app with standard pricing
  • Promotion cannot be purchased in combination with regular priced Dynamics 365 for Sales, Team Members, Plan 1, or Plan 2 Enterprise edition seats

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