Did you know you could add custom icons to entity views in Dynamics 365?

Custom icons displayed for a column in a view

Recently I stumbled on this nice post “customize entity views“, on MSDN, which I think everybody should read. Even if your not technical (I’m definitely NOT technical!), you can easily modify the code for your own use.

Entity views are special saved queries that retrieve data by using a specific filter. They also contain information about how the data in the view should be displayed in the application. Entity views are SavedQuery records that you can create programmatically. You can also define them as XML, and import them into Microsoft Dynamics 365 with an unmanaged solution.

An Entity view is different from a UserQuery. A user query, called a Saved view in the application, is owned by an individual user, can be assigned and shared with other users, and can be viewed by other users depending on the query’s access privileges. This is appropriate for frequently used queries that span entity types and queries that perform aggregation.

You can add custom icon with tooltip text to display in a column depending on the column value; you can also specify localized tooltip text. This can be done by adding the custom icons as image web resources in your Dynamics 365 instance and then using a JavaScript web resource to add JavaScript code for a column to display the icons depending on the column value.

Definitely check out the post: Customize entity views


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