Dynamics 365 Partners in Belgium – Part 1

A post like this is always dangerous! Never, ever, tell other people that you are not the only one in your country doing a certain service, such as Dynamics 365. Your customers will run away, potential customers will flock to the competition and you, as a partner will be left alone to set up Dynamics 365 for the bakery around the corner. No, seriously, the goal of this post is to create an overview of the Dynamics 365 partners which are active in Belgium.

Side note 1: it is hard to compare partners as every company offers a different mix of services. Financial info is based on the annual financial statement. I’m not accountant, so do forgive me any errors I might have made. Moreover, turnover and profit are not specified for Dynamics CRM/365 services, but for the general services. Finally, financial statements do not give an overview of (sub)contractors or self employed consultants that work for a partner.

Side note 2: I have used the English text from the website of the partner. If this is not available in English, I have taken the Dutch text.

Disclaimer: I work for one partner, so I might be a bit biased, but I try to remain as neutral as possible. All the information below is based on the websites of the organisations or their public finance records.

The list

Ad Ultima Group

Which CRM related services does the Ad Ultima Group offer?


Full control of sales and promotion

CRM is more than sales, marketing and customer service. The software helps you reduce costs and increase profits by organising and automating your marketing, prospecting, sales and after sales processes.

Customer Relationship Management enables you to manage these processes faster and more efficiently. Your organisation can work in a more stable way and enjoy a higher level of customer loyalty. More satisfied customers leads to more repeat sales, extra cross-selling opportunities, fewer complaints, and positive word-of-mouth advertising.

Integration with social media

In order to achieve this, we chart your entire sales process and integrate it in your software. Depending on your situation and requirements, this can either be in your existing Microsoft Dynamics AX software or in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, for example if you want to use your software remotely.

We also offer tools for integrating data with social media. Whether it’s through a social network or on a mobile device, CRM is the central link in your organisation for managing all your client relationships.

Overall picture of your client

You receive a customised approach for automating your sales processes, including your marketing communication and after sales services, as practically as possible. We always use your client as the starting point: What is a client? How do we actively approach them? How can we support them better? What else do they want from us?

Which references does Ad Ultima Group have?

None can be found on the website.

Financial info (according to the most recent annual account)

  • Offices: Kortrijk, Turnhout, Antwerpen, Leuven, Gent
  • Legal form: NV
  • Turnover:
    • 2016: 17.357.538 EUR
    • 2015: 16.407.185 EUR
    • 2014: 14.317.952 EUR
  • Profit/Loss:
    • 2016: 233.299 EUR
    • 2015: -50.880 EUR
    • 2014: -34.438 EUR
  • Employees:
    • 2016: 68
    • 2015: 56

Admiral Dynamics

Which CRM related services do Admiral Dynamics offer?


Have you ever seen the transformation of a cocoon to a butterfly? No? That is what Admiral is experiencing every day, ‘Admiral’ being a family of beautiful butterflies that are easy to distinguish! We would like to take you through that journey of transformation for your business so that your organisation will become that successful efficient creator you want it to be!

Admiral Dynamics has a long standing history in Marketing, Sales & Service automation processes. We truly understand that insight in customer experience, use of intelligence and leveraging the appropriate operational tools will help drive the long-term sustainable goals of an organization.

Established in 2009, Admiral Dynamics has developed a ‘Maturity Model’ to determine at what level an organization is operating. Depending on the outcome, we can guide and support our customers to improve their market attraction rate and increase the speed of acquiring new business.

Which references does Admiral Dynamics have?


Financial info (according to the most recent annual account)

  • Office: Antwerpen
  • Legal form: BVBA
  • Turnover:
    • 2016: 317.991 EUR
    • 2015: 306.476 EUR
    • 2014: 93.964 EUR
  • Profit/Loss:
    • 2016: 37.202 EUR
    • 2015: 83.206 EUR
    • 2014: -93.429 EUR
  • Employees:
    • 2016: 3
    • 2015: 3


Which CRM related services does Avanade offer?


Which references does Avanade have?


Financial info (according to the most recent annual account)

  • Office: Merelbeke
  • Legal form: BVBA
  • Turnover (AVANADE BELGIUM):
    • 2016: 17.800.291 EUR
    • 2015: 16.246.392 EUR
    • 2014: 17.144.639 EUR
  • Profit/Loss (AVANADE BELGIUM-:
    • 2016: -86.959 EUR
    • 2015: 503.231 EUR
    • 2014: 305.443 EUR
  • Employees (AVANADE BELGIUM):
    • 2016: 97
    • 2015: 92


Which CRM related services does Avento offer?


Making sure that you and your employees can work anytime, anywhere, simply, just as efficiently and rapidly as at the office: that is our job.

Getting users away from their desks and deploying them in the field, where they can get a flawless feel for the customer’s needs.

To make this work, we bring high-performance mobile IT solutions that can be used both online and offline to the market. In the field is where things are happening and where people feel at home.

We want our tools to accelerate your sales, marketing, merchandising, franchising, stock management, maintenance, inspection and to guide you through the digital transformation. We assist you with our specialised software on your way to a digital future in sectors like FMCG, textile, industry and logistics. Our tools enable you to acquire a leading position in the market or retain it and successfully expand it further.

Since we recognise the impact of a CRM system, we assist our customers with advanced support and supervision. That way you and your employees also start using our tools effectively, we achieve 100% adoption together and exceptional results are within your reach. We show you the way, overcome objections and possible fear, and ensure that resistance melts like snow in summer. That’s how we create enthusiasm: a sure path to success. Our customers, fearless and full of self-confidence, can handle the digital future!

Which references does Avento have?


Financial info (according to the most recent annual account)

  • Office: Mechelen
  • Legal form: BVBA
  • Turnover:
    • 2016: 506.212 EUR
    • 2015: 318.506 EUR
    • 2014: 251.769 EUR
  • Profit/Loss:
    • 2016: 118.784 EUR
    • 2015: 66.704 EUR
    • 2014: 1.003 EUR
  • Employees:
    • 2016: 6
    • 2015: 3

Bro Consulting

Bro Consulting is 100% owned by Ad Ultima Invest, the investment group which ownes Ad Ultima for 99,83%.


Which CRM related services does BusinessElements offer?


We deliver outstanding service to ensure that clients’ expectations are met. Our team combine business and technical knowledge with specific industries expertise (Finance, Insurance, Public Sector, Members Associations and Interests Groups, …), to provide excellent results for organizations that intend to leverage their business with their solution technologies.

Additionally, we develop products extending the functionalities of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365platform, allowing us to propose powerful and innovative Vertical Solutions and Plugins.

Which references does Business Elements have?

Axa, Delta Lloyd Life, Belfius, Keytrade Bank, Isabel, EVS, Nexans, Arcelor Mittal …

Financial info (according to the most recent annual account)

  • Office: Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe
  • Legal form: NV
  • Turnover (BUSINESS ELEMENTS BELGIUM): Not available
  • Profit/Loss (BUSINESS ELEMENTS BELGIUM): Not available
  • Employees: Not available

C-Clear Partners

Which CRM related services does C-Clear Partners offer?

C-Clear Partners focusses on improving your customer engagement processes. We achieve this by concentrating on 4 pillars: Shaping your Customer Strategy and transforming it into an actionable plan based on your business objectives. Creating your customer facing processes and designing state-of-the art customer platforms. Managing and improving your processes once they are live. Last but not least, we have a dedicated team of experienced consultants who can guide our customers during large CRM implementations.

Which references does C-Clear Partners have?

Stas NV

Stad Gent Energiecentrale

Financial info (according to the most recent annual account)

  • Office: Mortsel
  • Legal form: BVBA
  • Turnover (C-CLEAR PARTNERS):
    • 2016: 1.653.211 EUR
    • 2015: 1.002.668 EUR
    • 2014: 586.583 EUR
  • Profit/Loss (C-CLEAR PARTNERS):
    • 2016: 425.944 EUR
    • 2015: 347.230 EUR
    • 2014: 256.323 EUR
  • Employees (C-CLEAR PARTNERS):
    • 2016: 17
    • 2015: 9


Which CRM related services does Cegeka offer?


Which references does Cegeka have?


Financial info (according to the most recent annual account)

  • Office: Hasselt, Antwerpen, Gent, Leuven
  • Legal form: NV
    • 2016: 13.240.542 EUR
    • 2015: 11.901.516 EUR
    • 2014: 13.522.706 EUR
    • 2016: -446.224 EUR
    • 2015: 353.810 EUR
    • 2014: -1.626.367 EUR
    • 2016: 70
    • 2015: 75

Sidenote: I have picked CEGEKA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, as this was formerly known as Edan Business Solutions. Edan was taken over by the Cegeka Group in 2015.


Which CRM related services does Delaware offer?


To achieve operational excellence, processes, departments and people have to work closely together. Operating in siloes and chasing short-sighted KPIs won’t cut it: what you need is an operating system that offers a real-time, precise overview of processes and performance. With Dynamics 365, Microsoft transcends the largely artificial boundaries of the IT landscape, offering full integration of ERP, service and CRM capabilities within a complete business suite.

One of the key advantages of Dynamics 365 is that it allows business to truly transform themselves across the board to meet the changing needs of their customers. Because Dynamics’ intelligent applications work seamlessly together in the cloud, it helps you to connect people, data and processes in new and exciting ways.

4 Dynamics Pillars

If that still seems abstract, it’s because Dynamics 365 covers such a vast range of possibilities. The most important advantages revolve around 4 pillars:

  • Engage customers: Understand customer behavior from consideration to purchase and build personalized experiences.
  • Empower employees: Make sure employees have all the tools and insights they need to outperform themselves.
  • Optimize operations: Adapt your operations to a dynamic business environment with advanced analytics.
  • Transform products: Automate processes, become more proactive and even come up with entirely new business models

Powerful integrations

Since Microsoft’s goal is to create a single, seamless business environment, Dynamics 365 works together with other Microsoft products:

  • Add a business intelligence layer with Microsoft Power BI
  • Perform predictive analytics and reap the benefits of machine learning with Cortana Intelligence
  • Unite business and personal productivity with Office 365
  • Use ready-made apps or create your own without any need for coding skills with PowerApps

Which references does Delaware got?


Financial info (according to the most recent annual account)

  • Office: Lummen, Antwerpen, Gent, Waver, Kortrijk
  • Legal form: CVBA
    • 2016: 136.479.767 EUR
    • 2015: 112.620.811 EUR
    • 2014: 97.066.490 EUR
    • 2016: 935.114 EUR
    • 2015: 156.516 EUR
    • 2014: 90.918 EUR
    • 2016: 695
    • 2015: 548


So what do you think of the list until now? Next week is part 2 of the list. Did I forgot somebody? Feel free to leave a comment below!



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