Getting around CRM’s invisible man: the Delegated Administrator


Over a year ago I blogged about The Delegated Administrator, a user which I like to call the invisible man behind the CRM scenes. This user helps us, business and functional consultants a lot by allowing us access to CRM systems of clients. But this does not work if you want to use tools like the SDK or XrmToolbox.

Fortunately, Nick Doelman, a Microsoft MVP has come up with a solution which he calls;

While not 100% elegant, I have come up with a solution that will not cost your customers any additional license fees and allow developers and tool users access to Dynamics 365 to complement their Delegated Admin access.

His solution rather, is pretty simple and I think deserves a lot more attention:

The solution is to simply create a “non-interactive” user.  Typically a non-interactive user is setup in Dynamics 365 to allow access to the system from integration and portal systems.

The non-interactive user cannot login to Dynamics 365, but will have access using any of the external tools:



This will require the setup and configuration of a non-interactive user and will require the management of password updates, etc.  However, this option will provide a partner full access to their customer’s Dynamics 365 systems without any additional licensing costs, antibiotics or artificial colors.

All credits to Nick, I just hope I can make more people aware of this simple, but effective solution!

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