Level up for Dynamics CRM/365

Quickly perform advanced/hidden actions in Dynamics CRM/365, by using this easy Chrome extension. The extension helps Dynamics CRM users to perform advanced actions, that normally require bookmarklets. Visit the GitHub page.

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Detailed Functionality

Action What it does
Logical Names Displays logical names for fields, tabs and sections.
God Mode Makes all mandatory fields optional. Makes hidden fields/tabs/sections visible. Makes read-only fields editable.
Record Properties Displays information about current record like Created By, Created On, Modified By, Modified on, Permissions and Owner.
Changed Fields Highlights fields in the form that have been changed, but not saved yet.
Record URL Displays the current record URL in a dialog. The URL can be copied from the dialog and dismissed.
Record Id Displays the current record Id in a dialog. The Id can be copied from the dialog and dismissed.
Refresh All subgrids Refreshes all the subgrids on the current form. It does not refresh the associated views.
Minimum values This is intended for use on a new record. It fills out minimum values for all required fields. Only the following field types are filled out automatically: Memo, String, Boolean, DateTime, Decimal, Double, Integer, Money and OptionSet.
Show Optionset values Updates all the OptionSet fields on the current form to show text as well the the value of the OptionSet.
Clone Record Use the record parameters functionality and display a new popup which is a clone of the current record. This clone does not include the child records.
Refresh + Autosave off Refreshes the current form without saving it. It also turns off the auto-save after refresh.
Toggle Tabs Collapses or expands the tabs in the form.
Workflows & Business Rules Displays any workflows and business rules for the current entity.
Copy Lookup Copies the lookup field selected on the form
Paste Lookup Paste the copied lookup field
Lookup in new window Opens the selected lookup in a new window/tab
Customize Opens the entity in the default solution. Do not use this solution to add new fields, unless you have changed the default publisher prefix, which is “new_”
All Fields Displays values for all fields not in the current form
Open record By Id Displays a dialog to get the entity schemaname and record id. Once this is given, it opens a new popup to show the record.
New record Displays a dialog to get the entity schemaname. Once this is given, it opens a new popup to create a new record.
Open list Displays a dialog to get the entity schemaname. Once this is given, it opens a new popup to show the entity list.
Security Displays the security area from the sitemap.
System Jobs Displays the system jobs from the sitemap.
Solutions Displays the solutions area from the sitemap.
Process Displays the processes area from the sitemap.
Mailboxes Displays the mailboxes list.
Open Main Opens the CRM homepage (main.aspx) on a new window.
Advanced Find Opens Advanced Find in a new window.
Mobile Client Opens the mobile client (MoCA) in a new window.
My user Record Opens your “systemuser” record in a new window.
My Mailbox Opens your “mailbox” record in a new window.
Perf Diag Displays the performance diagnostics page. Primarily useful for assessing network performance. Refer https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource/Global/CRM/learning/documentation/user-guides/PerformanceOptimizationsCRMOnlineSuccess.
Perf Center Displays the performance center page. Primarily used to assess slow form performance. Can be used in conjunction with DevTools. Refer http://blog.cobalt.net/blog/understanding-the-microsoft-dynamics-crm-performance-center
Instance Picker Displays the instance picker page (applicable to Dynamics CRM/365 Online only).
New window Displays the current grid (Saved Query) in a new window.
Quick Find fields Displays the search fields for the current entity that is displayed in the grid.
Org Settings Displays some useful information about the current “Organization” you are connected to in a popup.
My Roles Displays the user roles, that you user record has.
User & Roles Displays the users and their roles.

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