My vision on Digital Disruption in 2017

digital-disruptionAs an IT consultant, implementing Microsoft products, I am constantly confronted with Digital Disruption. Guiding SME’s on how to handle all these new technologies is one thing, exploring the full benefits of the “4th industrial revolution” is something else. Let alone creating a “digital vision” in which companies can evolve.

That is where I’m hoping 2017 will bring me the correct tools and guide me towards becoming a better “change agent” for my own company and for our clients. My educational background in Company management, Communication sciences and Six Sigma has taught me a lot of skills, but none of them account for the digitalisation of the work environment and the opportunities this creates.

Michael Beal, CEO of Microsoft Belgium stated “Every company becomes a digital company”. I fully agree with this statement, but experience has taught me that a lot of companies are still lacking the necessary resources (people, infrastructure, software, …) to close the ‘digital gap’.

My vision is to make it easier for SME’s to profit from the new (cloud)technologies which are available. Why SME’s? Because in Belgium these companies employ +- 70% of the workforce. Bringing digitalisation closer to them will have a massive impact on the economy and the social environment in which we live.

E.g.: teaching SME’s about home work (which is enabled by using digital tools), has several benefits:

– people need to drive less, which is better for the environment,

– allows them more time with their family

– and as there are less cars on the road this reduces economic loss due to trafic jams.

But my vision goes beyond the current way of work. I also want to show how digitalisation can change the way in which companies work tomorrow! That is why I’m hoping that I can “take the lead” in guiding SME’s towards a digital tomorrow.

Image source: The Era of Digital Disruption is Here

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