Presales in Dynamics 365 – Part 1

Recently I did a podcast with Mark Smith on Presales and Dynamics 365 Practice. Today I want to expand on the presales part of the interview, as to give you a written overview of my thoughts on the topic.

As presales can have different meanings for different people, what is presales for me?

The responsibilities differ from organization to organization but in general include:

  1. Solution Preparation/Management Proposal based on Customers Requirements
  2. Product demonstrations
  3. Proof of Concept Creation
  4. Creation of Marketing Documents
  5. … and any other activity required to generate business, such as doing an analysis.

I don’t do the first contact, that is for the sales consultant. His job is to “qualify” the lead as a company who is a fit for Dynamics 365.

How do you go about getting training for a presales role?

I don’t think you can really train for a presales role as I wasn’t trained myself. Minor exception might be that I have a background in sales & marketing during college. I do think however that you need a combination of skills:

  • Product knowledge (let’s call this your ‘IQ’)
  • Industry knowledge
  • Presentation and people skills (let’s call this your ‘EQ’)
  • Trust and credibility

Don Carmichael has written a very good blog post on this topic on LinkedIn which goes more into depth on the skills: “Hiring Presales Solution Consultants? The three skills that make the perfect profile“.

Perfect Presales Solution Consultant

Which resources will get me from a Dynamics 365 consulting role into a Dynamics 365 presales role?

As stated earlier, you need to have some skills to become a more presales oriented consultant. However, the following resources can help you on the way:

  • Work on your ‘soft skills’, you ‘EQ’ should be constantly developed. You could do this by being mindful about the way you present yourself, watch others, …
  • Watch ted(x) talks: some of the best presenters in the world have a ted(x) talk, ranging from different topics.
  • Watch presentations of CRM MVP’s online or in real life. Go and visit conferences such as Extreme 365.

Next post will delve deeper into demonstrating the capabilities of Dynamics 365.

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