“Measure twice, cut once” is an old proverb mainly used in carpentry, but it is perfectly also applicable in the software business. A lot of projects have gone wrong as the analysis failed to provide a clear view on the required solution.

Implementation / Configuration

Whether you’re an one-man army, an outstanding organisation or a proficient SMB, our goal stays the same: to empower your business. The focus during the Dynamics 365 implementation remains on a simple solution which exceeds your needs.


Having a solution is one thing, being able to be proficient with it, could be something entirely else. Training could be focused on making the sales team more efficient, showing your back office some neat tricks so simplify their workload, … Whatever you want, we got it covered.

Project management

Project management has a bad name, it is often used to allow long meetings discussing trivial nice to have requirements. A craftsman only manages whenever and wherever necessary as to obtain the best possible outcome.