No craftsman can work without a good set of tools. This is an overview of my tools:

A sitemap Designer

Having a simple and clean site map is one of the most important properties of a good organisation. Using the sitemap designer is a must. Together with Dynamics 365, Microsoft has launched an easy to use designer. Want to learn more? Than read the blogpost “First look at Sitemap Designer” by SMS Management & Technology.

A trial environment

Ever wanted to try out new features, but afraid of breaking your own environment? Then request a free managed trial solution from Microsoft (it’s free, I promise!). Just click on “Managed trials“.

A view converter

You just created a personal view which consists of several “AND/OR”-groupings and looped through several entities, but noticed this should have been a system view *Argh*! No worries, by using the managed solution from Natraj Yegnaraman or “Dreaming in CRM”, you can safely promote a personal view to a system view.

A cloning device

Can’t get enough of one record? You want more of the same? Then just clone those records! I have not just the following tool yet, but it looks promising as it allows you to configure and clone records in Dynamics with just a few clicks. Apart from the main record you can clone associated relationships as well (1:N) and (N:N). No customizations needed set up cloning. All in few clicks. Read more on Debajit’s blogpost.

An extension on your workflow possibilities

Tired of the limited set of possibilities you can do with the default workflow? No knowledge to create a custom workflow? Then do check out Demian Raschkovan’s Workflowtools on GitHub