Can I disable the quick create feature?



Dynamics CRM 2013 introduced “Quick create” as a new feature. But what if you don’t want this feature enabled in your 2013 or 2015 organization?

Disabling the feature

Let me be straight, there is not easy check box “disable quick create future”in the system settings! The guys at crmtipoftheday pointed out in tip #126, removing an entity from “quick create”, that you can do this in 3 steps:

The Quick Create menu contains multiple entities out of the box but you can remove an entity the organization is not using by following these 3 simple steps – we will remove the “Competitor” entity in this example:

1. Navigate to the Settings -> Customization -> Customize the System

2. Click on the entity you would like to remove from the Quick Create bar

3. Deselect “Allow quick create” on the Data Services section of the entity. Save and Publish All Customizations.





But what if you want the entire feature disabled? Then you are in for a treat! You’ll need to disable the “allow quick create” on each and every entity (Case, contact, lead, competitor, …). Until you are left with only the “Activities” buttons.

Quick create 4

Now the problem starts. How do you remove these last four ones? As they are activities, you might want to check the activity entity to disable the feature. But hey, you cannot disable the quick create on activities!

Quick create 5

Nor on task, phone call, e-mail or appointment.

Quick create 6

Quick create 7Quick create 8

Quick create 9

As the other possible solution would be to deactivate the quick create forms, but the activity entities don’t have quick create forms, I have to conclude that you can’t fully disable the quick create feature!

Source: crmtipoftheday

Interested to read more about quick create? Check out Technet!

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