Do I need a professional license for that?


How many times have you been wondering which license you need for an user? Whether or not you’ll be able to implement a certain feature of the system, keeping in mind the restrictions a basic license brings with it. Or worst case scenario, you have already implemented a system and then discover not every user can fully enjoy the fruits of your labor. Check out this overview before you start your Dynamics CRM project and do keep the “opportunity hook” in mind.

The opportunity hook

Ever noticed the “opportunity hook” in the Microsoft licensing? When you qualify a lead, it is automatically converted to an account (depending whether or not you filled in the company field), contact and opportunity. But if you check the use rights, you’ll notice different user rights and licenses related to opportunities:

  • Associate an opportunity with a contact (basic license)
  • Associate an opportunity with an account (basic license)
  • Qualify and convert a lead to a contact (basic license)
  • Qualify and convert a lead to an account (basic license)
  • Qualify and convert a lead to an opportunity (professional license)
  • Convert an activity to an opportunity (professional license)
  • Opportunity tracking (professional license)

So what happens when you qualify a lead when you have a basic user license? Adam Vero commented on this weird setup on the Dynamics forum earlier:

“Basic users cannot create Opportunities or do anything else with them. They cannot even qualify a Lead into an Opportunity (which is stupid, in my opinion, since the built-in Qualify process always creates an Opp whether you want one or not. So you have to replace this with your mechanism).”

Licensing overview

Online Licensing 1Online Licensing 2 Online Licensing 3

Source: Microsoft updates its “Licensing and Pricing Guide” on their website.


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