It’s the end of the line for the Dynamics Connector!

I have blogged earlier about the Dynamics Connector and its functionalities. But Microsoft has recently announced that they are pulling the plug on the connector. Moreover, the current Dynamics CRM version 2016 will be the last major version of Dynamics CRM to be supported by the Connector (3.4.304.1).

Following Dynamics NAV support matrix summarizes it nicely. If your Dynamics product version does not appear in these matrices, then it is not supported by Connector for Microsoft Dynamics.

Dynamics NAV support matrix

CRM 2011 5.x.x.x CRM 2013 6.x.x.x CRM 2015 7.x.x.x CRM 2016 8.x.x.x
NAV 2013 Y Y Y Y
NAV 2013 R2 Y Y Y Y
NAV 2015 Y Y Y Y
NAV 2016 * Y Y Y Y

* Connections to Dynamics CRM using this version of Dynamics NAV should transition to the Dynamics CRM interoperability framework included in the Dynamics NAV 2016 release.

What does this mean for your current and future Connector implementations?

Dynamics NAV 2016 includes a new interoperability framework for connecting with Dynamics CRM 2015 (7.x.x.x) and successor versions.  We recommend existing Dynamics NAV connections to Dynamics CRM versions greater than 2015 transition to this new framework once the Dynamics NAV instance is updated to Dynamics NAV 2016 or beyond.  New implementations of Dynamics NAV 2016 or beyond and Dynamics CRM 2015 or beyond should use the new NAV framework as well.  More information on this technology can be found at the following link:

Versions of Dynamics NAV earlier than 2016 that use Connector to interoperate with Dynamics CRM versions earlier than 2016 will continue to be supported by Connector  through the life cycle of the Dynamics NAV version.  If the Dynamics CRM instance must be upgraded, we recommend upgrading the version of Dynamics NAV to 2016 or a later version.


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