Two-Minute Tuesday – Video overview (Ep31-35)

Episode 35: “Speed and Performance”

I’m always baffled by people who are determined to implement solutions that slow down their Dynamics 365 environment on purpose. One good example is the use – or shall I say, abuse – of Real Time Workflows.

Episode 34: “Dynamics 365 Saturday and other events”

We are still in South Africa and I connected with MVPs Raz and Neil to discuss Dynamics 365 Saturdays and the benefits of attending events.

Whether you are a Dynamics 365 partner or a customer, having the opportunity to interact with other experts and other people who have gone through the same challenges you are going through is the best way to learn!

Episode 33: “Don’t boil the ocean”

Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Disney, and Hewlett-Packard (HP) have something in common. They are part of an exclusive group. These six companies are worth more than $25 billion, and they all started on a garage somewhere.

These organizations are massive, but they grew over time, some faster than others but it was definitely an evolution, an iterative process rather than an overnight success.

Large Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementations should follow this same model. Start small and grow over time rather than trying to boil the ocean. Follow an agile and iterative process to increase your chances of success!

Episode 32: “QuickNav in Unified Interface and closest Azure Region”

On this episode, CRM MVP David Yack shares two tips for Dynamics 365. First, he shows us how to quickly navigate within all of the related records on a data set through the Unified Interface, and later, he shows us a tool that can help us identify the closest Azure Region to our Dynamics 365 Online Instance. This information is highly valuable in situations where we are leveraging integrations with sources hosted on Azure.

Episode 31: “Don’t focus on the web client only”

There are plenty of ways for users to consume Dynamics 365 functionality and data. Web client, Outlook clients, Mobile clients, Power Apps, Portals, USD, Power BI, etc. Consider all these options when designing the solution for your organization’s business needs.

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