Two-Minute Tuesday – Video overview (Ep36-40)

Episode 40: “Recover DELETED data in Dynamics 365 Online”

Once you delete data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online, it’s gone forever…or is it? Check out one of my favorite free tools for Dynamics 365 called Snapshot. This tool allows you to recover data you deleted from Dynamics 365 Online.

Episode 39: “Don’t create Apps from scratch”

The App Designer is becoming one of my favorite tools within Microsoft Dynamics 365. I’ve been creating tools in all my implementations for a while now. Although opening the out of the box Custom App is not available in Dynamics 365, you can always copy the contents of that App into your own custom app rather than starting to build an App from scratch.

Episode 38: “Dynamics 365 Screen Capture in 3 clicks or less”

It is no secret that I love recording videos whenever I can to bring clarity into a subject or to demonstrate a specific skill or process. If you use Google Chrome to navigate in Microsoft Dynamics 365, there is a plugin that allows you to record your screen and audio in 3 clicks or less.

Episode 37: “See accounts within MY Business Unit”

This requirements comes up in projects once in a while. Let Gus show you how you can create a view that only displays accounts owned by users within your business unit.

Step by step instructions (and other great examples) also available here:

Episode 36: “Analyze your Dynamics 365 Online Storage”

On this tip Gus will show you how to use the Storage Anazalyzer by UDS Systems to track storage by entity in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online.


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