Two-Minute Tuesday – Video overview (Ep41-45)

Episode 45: “Use Themes!”

For years Dynamics 365 customers begged for the opportunity to modify the looks of Dynamics 365 Online. Microsoft Dynamics 365 themes can be used to achieve this outcome.

Learn more about themes:

Episode 44: “Stay away from Client-Vendor Relationships”

Four CRM MVPs visited the Vasa Mussem in Stockholm, Sweden. The Vasa warship is a great example of what can happen when a Client-Vendor relationship is used as the basis to complete a project. Here’s why you should seek a Partnership when implementing Dynamics 365 instead.

Episode 43: “Export 1 Million records to Excel”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 limits the number of records you can export to Microsoft Excel to 100,000 records. Let Gus show you how you can increase that limit to 1 million.


Episode 42: “Changing Phone Call creation behavior”

Gus loves the fact that entering phone calls and other activities in the Social Pane is simple and quick, but he really dislikes the fact that the phone calls are automatically marked as Completed making them Read Only and hard to edit after the save. This tip shows you how to modify this default behavior and leave the Phone Calls Active after the save.


Episode 41: “Turn off that Tracking Token”

Let Gus show you how you can track email conversations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 without having to display a tracking token on the subject of the email.

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