Two-Minute Tuesday – Video overview

Gus Gonzalez has been doing a video series in which he explains concepts, gives tips and general guidelines on Dynamics 365 and related topics. I strongly suggest you to check out this underrated video series!

Episode 30: “Easiest way to move Dynamics 365 Portal Configuration data”

CRM MVP Nick Doelman shows us how easy it is to move Microsoft Portal data with the XrmToolBox.

Episode 29: “Synchronizing Tweets to Dynamics 365”

On this Episode, Solution Architect Superstar Michelle Eldridge shows us how to leverage Microsoft Flow to synchronize tweets into Dynamics 365.

Episode 28: “Using wait conditions to send out reminders in Dynamics 365”

On this tip Gus will show you how to send out a reminder if a user fails to contact a Lead 3 days after it was created. Contacting Leads in a timely manner increases win rates and Dynamics 365 can help.

Episode 27: “Using Real Time Workflows to manage approvals in Dynamics 365”

On this tip, Guys will show you how to use Real Time Workflows in Dynamics 365 to prevent users from closing large opportunities without their manager’s approval. This is a common ask during implementations of Dynamics 365. The steps shown on this tip can be used for many other scenarios, including customer service, project service automation, and field service.

Episode 26: “New Dynamics 365 View Editor”

This tip will show you how to access and take advantage of the new View Editor available through the Dynamics 365 App Designer.

Episode 25: “Using Rollup fields to find specific records in Dynamics 365”

On this tip, Gus will show you how to leverage Rollup fields to determine the last date you had an interaction with an Account record. This technique can be used for a huge variety of requirements and Gus shares a few extra ones on the video. If you have been relying on workflows to accomplish a similar effect, I hope you enjoy this tip.

Episode 17: “Showing percentage on Pie Charts”

Ulrik Carlsson (a.k.a. CRMChartGuy) shares a tip on how to easily add percentages to charts in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Episode 16: “Add Organization Insights to your Dynamics 365 Instance”

Organization Insights are a must have for every Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online customer.

Episode 15: “Avoid plugin level variables”

CRM MVP Daryl LaBar warns new developers against using plugin level variables for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Episode 14: “Check out these SharePoint Breadcrums”

CRM MVP Gayan Perera shares a tip for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 9 where the User Interface has been improved to display breadcrums allowing users to identy a records SharePoint location faster

Episode 13: “Staying current on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online”

Follow this tip to keep your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online instances up to date.

Episode 12: “Using a CRM-specific Unit Testing Framework”

CRM MVP Daryl LaBar talks about best practices for developers executing unit testing.

Episode 11: “Keeping your XrmToolBox up to date”

CRM MVP Jonas Rapp shows how you can maintain your XrmToolBox tools sharp and ready.

Episode 10: “Adding Dependencies at the Web Resource level”

CRM MVP Gayan Perera shares a tip for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 9 where he shows how you can now add Dependencies at the Web Resource level rather than having to add them manually everywhere you use that web resource.

Episode 9: “Taking crisp phone pictures during Powerpoint presentations”

When you are attending an amazing presentation, use this trick to get crisp pictures of the slides with your phone.

Episode 8: “Engaging presentation settings before a presentation or a demo”

You should always engage presentation settings before you present to an audience, no matter how big or small, to prevent distractions and potential issues during your presentation.

Episode 7: “Synchronizing contacts you follow”

Learn how to tweak Outlook synchronization filters to synchronize contacts you own and contacts you ‘follow’.

Episode 6: “Using a field to control which records are synchronized”

Lee Michael, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Technical Consultant responsible for Data Migrations and Data Integrations on Dynamics 365 Implementations for Elev8 Solutions customers stops by to share a tip on how to give organizations and users an easy way to control which records are synchronized as part of their Data Integration procedures.

Episode 5: “Setting Personal Options for all users in your organization”

Learn how to leverage the User Settings Utility tool to set personal options for all of the users in your organization.

Episode 4: “Using teams when importing data”

I love using owner teams in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to import data that is owned by users who are no longer with the company, that way when the data import is completed it is really easy to reassign those records to another active user if needed.

Episode 3: “Duplicate Detection across entities”

Stop creating duplicate records just because they are not the same record type. This tip shows you how to use Duplicate Detection to prevent the creation of Lead records that match an existing Contact record in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

Episode 2: “Default Landing”

Today we show you how to edit your personal options to change your “Default Landing Tab” within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Episode 1: “Equipment”

Today we discuss how important having the right Equipment is when it comes to User Experience and User Adoption.

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